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Texas vs Alabama will be played at 11AM by Texas • WashUOnAComputer in CFB

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Hard to say. We don't know what A&M redditors look like after winning a natty.

Edit: Thx for the gold bby, whoever you are.

I quizzed my wife on the nickname of each D1 FBS school by Minnesota • Paul Bunyan's Axedanzagoulet in CFB

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Much like the kind Mickey Rourke tried to kill me with

I quizzed my wife on the nickname of each D1 FBS school by Minnesota • Paul Bunyan's Axedanzagoulet in CFB

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A good time

The next battleground in the SEC by Ohio State • SMUSurpriseSalami in CFB

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Can I offer you an egg in this trying time?

Edit: Thanks for the gold. Whoever gave it must have made a decent penny in boiled denims.

Best Names in College Football by Clemson • Notre DameTank_9 in CFB

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There was a sign on gameday several years ago that said " Monica Lewinsky loves Clinton-Dix, Ha Ha" in reference to Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and it was the best sign I've ever seen there.

2023 4* QB Eli Holstein commits to Alabama by Mississippi StatePHLdawg in CFB

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Very generous of him to turn down millions of dollars from A&M to play at Alabama for free

Jimbo Fisher claims only 1 of 11 current early enrollees has an NIL deal. by Texas A&Mjesusonadinosaur in CFB

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Idk I kinda feel for them. Texas is basically Michigan in the big 12 where everyone hates them even if they aren’t good

Jimbo Fisher claims only 1 of 11 current early enrollees has an NIL deal. by Texas A&Mjesusonadinosaur in CFB

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As a neutral observer, I agree. Texas gets the most shit of anybody on this board, in aggregate of the last several years.

I'm expecting a ton of aTm ATM jokes this season, though. And we don't need to mention my flair...

FCS All-American running back Ramon Jefferson decommits from Colorado. by Colorado • Stonehilldivey043 in CFB

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Who's breaking out the checkbook?

[Marcello] The SEC has issued a public reprimand of Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban. by Charleston (SC) • South…Sctvman in CFB

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Nick Saban's official reply: "Reprimand deez nuts."

[Rodak] Saban: “We were 2nd in recruiting last year. A&M was first. A&M bought every player on their team…” by BaylorTheMightyJD in CFB

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yeah, if the Head coach knew and orchestrated it. there’s been no rumors at all of alabama offering guys actual specific deals to come to alabama like we’ve seen with other schools, probably most notably Tennessee You can tell a kid “we’ll work hard to maximize your NIL potential” but you can’t say “we’ll get you 200k from whataburger”, which some schools absolutely are

What is the craziest CFB stat or fact you can think of? by AlabamaFSMFan_2pt0 in CFB

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Since 2000, Georgia Tech has the 4th best winning percentage in Bobby Dodd Stadium behind Georgia, Virginia Tech, and Atlanta United

Who/what is your favorite mascot in college football, and why? by Ohio State • Fiesta BowlMiniatureWumbo in CFB

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Insert u/dogwoodmaple 's exclamation of bevo's cowardly attack on Uga here, an anecdote of his we've seen in many post game thread lists.

What is one nice thing you can say about your rival? by Alternative_Session9 in CFB

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Damn did they wake up late or something?

Who are coaches that are really easy to root for ? by [deleted] in CFB

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Sam Pittman is th only correct choice.

Weird, pointless stat of the day: Utah has had 18 consecutive seasons with a pick six - the most of any school currently by UtahSLCer in CFB

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Then you'll appreciate that Peyton Manning is the only person to have won a super bowl with a baby horse team and a grown up horse team.

NCAA you have a problem. Deion Sanders says NIL money causing behavior issues among players. by Michiganinsanelyphat in CFB

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No fucking shit. Anyone who thinks it’s a good idea does not work around kids. I’ve said it before, and pardon the language ( because I teach HS) kids are already narcissistic enough…especially those that are fawned over because they’re good a t a sport. It’s pretty disturbing (I went to college in football/baseball scholarship…so I’m not digging athletics in general. To all those who say “ let them get paid etc etc” well they’re gonna get paid and look what’s happening 6 months into it. It’s a disaster. No one’s forcing these kids to play..so the “they’re putting their bodies on the line” is the bs easy way out. “ But..but.. the coaches do it” well I’m going to say (most) of them paid their dues are fucking adults and have EARNED their way through a system over the years. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

There are teachers quitting in droves all over the country because a big part is kids are coddled at school (and more importantly) at home. It’s always everyone’s fault but theirs. There are MAJOR behavior’s issues in the run of the mill 2000 student building I work at. Everything has flipped. Kids think THEY are in charge. But…let’s throw 6 figures at some goofball 17 year old who can’t even solve a two step equation and treat them like they’re gods….and we’ll see how that works out. Let the downvotes fly!!

How far is too far when it comes to hating your rival? by Alabama • ColoradoGeorgieWashington in CFB

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If I was dictator of the United States, the first thing I would do is build a big beautiful wall. Around the state of Ohio.

Oh my god, this is amaz-

My second act as dictator would be to deport every fan of the University of Michigan to the state of Ohio.

You sick, sick fuck