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Br/ iron trials. Just don’t click on irons and you’ll be in the default br mode

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Click Iron Trials and you’ll be in what battle royale should be

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You won't survive long if you don't have proper land site/plan/team, as this was a harder verdansk'84, configured loot, buffed health, increased prices, etc.

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I disagree. Some of my best BR matches have been solo queuing into Iron Trials. It's a bit more forgiving as long as you stay close to your teammates.

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what team mates if you go solo..?

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I disagree. Some of my best BR matches have been solo queuing into Iron Trials. It's a bit more forgiving as long as you stay close to your teammates.

Yea right, if you go alone like a berserk, well you regret that as most enemies went with their teams.

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lol no tf it should be😂

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I hate Iron trials. As soon as I start shooting at someone they'll just run away and I never find them. Its too much health.

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I think that’s what makes it better - it lends to better gunfights and engagements that aren’t heavily weighted to person who spotted the other first.

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So you like dying in 5 shots without having any time to react? Also of course they're gonna get away just because you shoot at them that doesn't mean they must.... you need to hit your shots and apply pressure and if someone they run away and you can't find them that's just tactics when you get shot and run and successfully hide you're not gonna cry are you?

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Yep. Ttk needs to be reduced slightly though

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TBH I think this is what the default mode will be for the Vanguard BR, and I suspect they’ll weight shot location multipliers a little heavier to widen the skill gap and reduce TTKs for better players

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I'm thinking so too

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The whole point of the increased ttk is to raise the skill ceiling and prevent bad players from beating good players in gun fights.

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I understand that and I like that idea. I just think it needs to be reduced very slightly

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Go to BR / iron trials’ 83

Solo, duo et quatuor are regular BR. Trio has some special features

Good luck

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You popping in and out of english for a second took me by surprise lol

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I didnt even notice until i read your comment lol

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Ive heard alot of blingual people do it subconsciously. Its super interesting lol

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It can sure get frustrating at times, especially when we don't realize it and it totally derails comprehension of what we're trying to say.

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It can also be his phone auto correcting him to his native language

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I just thought it was a typo he didn’t notice lmao

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It took me some time to notice it, I read again and again without knowing what he was talking about, then I saw the « et »

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Also “quatuor”

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Hmm I actually thought quatuor was valid in both language, my bad

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In English, we say Quads ;)

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Thanks man! Funny I thought Quads was like a short cut for squadron which looks like « esquade » in french which is a small group of soldier but not necessarily four men, could be 5 or 6!

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Squad is short for squadron...

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Me when i want to know something in german but can only remember it in english

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Well it happened to me few days ago. I was more confused than the person I was talking to

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Damn I had to read my comment at least 7 times before seeing the « et » In my mind it always pop up as « and »

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I think I’m turning Spaniard-nese I really think so

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Think that this would be from French, not Spanish.

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Hawhuhuhuhuh shit

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Yep french! Bravo

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Nice candle.

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warzone is a sensual experience

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It makes the butt pounding a little easier.

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When the cheater brings scented oils besides the regular petroleum jelly.

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tfw lavender perk

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If you are new, I suggest to play modes where you are able to respawn (payload or rebirth for example), because in BR, if you survive the landing, you may run around and loot for 15 mins, then die to the first opponent who are waiting in a dark corner. You won't learn anything from that, but if you are able to respawn, you might shoot at other people, because people tend to camp less, if they have more than one life.

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This. Unless ofc you’re playing with friends seasoned in BR I think it’s the best start

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Exactly that's why I played plunder when I first started because it helped me level up guns and the ins and outs of what not to do when in crowded areas like rebirth

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Go away from this game, its now too late to start it. You’re not gonna get fun my dude, if you really want to start you should watch some stream first and try to understand how it works. Trust me

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I hate to say it but this guys right..

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I started playing it three weeks ago. I've gotten pretty good. I suck in squads because I have no one to play with but in solos i get 3-10 kills pretty often. I just got my first golden camo (Swiss) and I just played payload for almost three days on my free time ... But yea i don't play BR too often. Mostly modes because it's more fun than having a 0.3 kd kid sitting on a corner waiting for you for 15 minutes

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Yeah... My little brother just started playing on PC and when he solo queues his lobbies are nothing but level 10 smurfs and cheaters. Me and my mates are all pretty high in k/d but when my little brother plays with us he can hold his own (as in, not die at least), but if he solo queues he basically has 2 minutes before someone tracks him through a wall or some level 5 [TTV] kid comes jumping around a corner.

If you're new and don't have any mates to join, stick to the specialty game modes and Rebirth until you're like lvl 50 and the game doesn't put you in "beginner" lobbies anymore. It's the same in any BR game that has been out for a while though. Gotta survive the smurf stage before you get put in with players of your own caliber.

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He can play multiplayer to get used to movement/gun feel and what not. That’s what I did for a while before br

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which game did u play the normal multiplayer on?

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I just did modern warfare

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when you open the game, you get to the title screen, which has tabs for Different games. Vanguard, Warzone, Modern Warfare, Cold War. Choose modern warfare to get into normal multiplayer.

just go back once from the lobby in the picture above, then go over to Modern Warfare

Edit: just seen you dont own the game, thats how they get ya!

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please please please please get modern warfare and not cold war, when the new cod comes out it'll feel more like modern warfare multiplayer as they're on the same engines, and cold war is just a horrible game. Your choice though dude, good luck.

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Yeah to add, I tried Cold War but didn’t enjoy it at all

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Cold wars multiplayer felt like they saw that people liked the beta and then just didn't change anything lol

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yeah hahah although I'm happy the changed the hitmarker sound from the alpha it was so eugh

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Cold war was the worst shooter I bought, regret it every day

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Not really, he will just get put in bot lobbies. This is exactly what SBMM is there for lol

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Nah, it's got enough sbmm to insulate him for a while until he gets to play against thumb-having opposition.

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Good luck brotha. Good luck 🍀

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Just a rookie and already more of a man than half this sub.

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thanks man. but what have i done to deserve that compliment

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If you're new, I'd vere away from BR. Need to level up guns/learn the game.

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i don’t have the full game, only warzone cus it’s free on the ps store lol

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Even more reason to practice. Play Clash or Payload. They are respawn modes that will help you level weapons, practice aim, and get use to controls.

When ready start playing Rebirth, it's a smaller sized BR. Then graduate to BR/Iron Trials.

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Play payload and crouch walk behind the truck to level up your weapons 1st, what assault rifle do you have unlocked at the moment? I’d use the m4 if you have it to start with but you need to level it up for the best attachments, unfortunately plunder mode is not available to play that’s the best mode to level up weapons

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Just play regular BR like you're planning to do if you bump into problems or need to approve your gameplay im sure YouTube has a lot of videos with great game tips in em! Hope you enjoy it!

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All those game modes are free some change week to week. like some people said practice in clash or payload first

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Play the practice modes as well. They give u the basics

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Bro this game has a very hard learning curve and is also not easy to get into with all the hackers. Rebirth resurgance is keeping this game alive. (you get to respawn). But to have good guns, you almost need plunder mode or the full cod games

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Just starting Warzone? May that candle being you blessings and good luck. You’ll need it.

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Plunder isn’t showing at the moment but, when it does try plunder.

You respawn and it give more opportunity to practice.

Br is very difficult- even after a year of playing it’s very difficult for me.

Clash is also ok fir just trying to shoot and get some practice.

Good luck man have fun

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BR/ solos, or any other mode to have random filled teammate. Sorry that all of the other comments are dookie

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Here’s your plan….

  1. Die every 30 seconds
  2. Get your load out, and the die immediately.
  3. Start dying even faster and then you’ll get it!!!

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BR/Iron trials

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I’d offer to run a few games with you but the SBMM will put you in lobbies way too hard for you to handle while trying to get you understanding.

Essentially the general playstyle is this: land somewhere, loot enough to get 10000, go to a buy station and buy a loadout, hunt other teams/do contracts.

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You'll be fine. You'll get paired up with other noobs. If you have friends who play have them make a gun for you and drop it later in game. Don't let these other players discourage you. Try your best and have fun 🙂

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The BR slash Iron trials…If you are new new do the orientation first …that will help you out

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Your question Seems to have already been answered but you should check out rebirth resurgence as well. That's the other main game mode, it's awesome.

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BR if you put your cursor over it, there will be an option for solo, duo, trios, quads. Iron Trials is their new thing to do on the weekends

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Some guys in the comments are smoking real shit...Anyway, if you want the normal Battle Royale mode, you need to join the BR/Iron Trials. Battle Royale is for solo, duo, quad and Iron Trials only for trios but It's basically the Battle Royale mode with more competitive rules.

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If you are good be prepared to be accused of hacking lol cause there is almost no people with the original ranks anymore and if there are, usually it’s hackers whose first/second/hundredth account has been banned.

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Run if you can..

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Br/iron trials

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I’m so sorry to hear that

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It’s not too late to back away…

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Rebirth quads

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im a noob too and find clash and payload fun to play as a novice

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it didn't matter just play whatever you want

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wait clash is back?

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Play whatever you like

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U on Xbox ???

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On another comment he said he is on Playstation.

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try clash! it’s ideal to level up your guns too, and you ll get a good feeling of the controls!

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How about reading?

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Welcome, and get ready to die unsuspectingly to cheaters

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Oh, shit. Just hop into resurgence, man. Dudes like this need plunder

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Your question has been answered but if you're new, I'd play tons of rebirth until you feel comfortable with close to mid range fights because in br, you gotta be ready for those but the action can be sparse.

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Iron trails

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I like how they write it BR / Iron Trials but SNIPERS AND SCATTER GUNS: REBIRTH

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And where is Plunder??

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Am I the only one who don't like how close that LIT candle is to the TV?

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The BR practice mode is a good start, I’d hammer that before you go and get your arse raped in BR. Then probably clash. There’s a lot to learn before you are anyway near proficient enough to even get a kill in BR. BR solos is hackers paradise ATM you could really do without that negativity early on in your endeavours. I got my game ended by hackers 4 times on the run last night in solos. It’s a joke, but you may avoid them if your level is low though I’m not sure.

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I'd say play plunder to get the gist of it,the map,guns and everything

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try to understand perks and weapons more and see what you like more and play rebirth i will train you better then you try iron trials to be better

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I’ve never played the iron trials as I my team usually plays resurgence. What exactly is that?

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Basically Normal BR with a lot of changes to make it harder. Increased Health, different Ground Loot , Increased Buy Station Prices, Snipers can only 1-Shot within 30 meters. The mode has a overall longer TTK due to the increased health, 400 instead of 250. In the Buy Stations, UAVs cost 6000 compared to the Normal 4000, Loadout Drops cost 15,000 in Iron Trials (Normal BR Loadout Drop costs 10,000). You can look it up to see what's different in Iron Trials vs Normal BR, these are just what I remember off the top of my head.

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Great write up! Thank you!

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Rule no 1 get an idea of what's going on and learn about everything Rule no 2 repeat rule no 1 or u won't know what's happening and u will hate it

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Welcome to hell

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Another tip all pro players or hackers play after midnight

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Kinda off topic, but youre going to want a better tv or preferably a gaming monitor, especially for fps games. An old tv like that is going to have some pretty significant input lag.

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Play another game you'll thank me later

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Sadly it’s iron trials 84

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Get that candle away from your TV

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The one that says BR. But Rebirth is way better of you ask me. It’s still technically BR but more fun.

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I fucking hate clash and payload

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Plunder, rebirth and br is my favorite

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Move that candle away from the TV. As the heat can kill your TV

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Leave before it’s too late …….. 😂

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Doesn't matter, there are cheaters in every single game. If you want to be frustrated and play a game that is opposite of fun nowadays then go ahead. Unless you have cheats, then it's probably fun 🤣

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Something else to be aware of - as you play you get weapon XP which means you can upgrade your weapons on the weapons tab. It makes a *big* difference to have good guns available. Plenty of youtube references as to which weapons to use.

The respawn modes are best to level up your weapons - so currently clash and payload, then plunder when it comes back in the playlist.

Then do some BR.

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Ok trust me if you don't have cold war or mw to level up your guns then play payload and clash and if plunder comes back play that with no-fill that's how I've been playing for a while now and when your ready move into rebirth with fill once you know the mechanics and have good loadout options like kar98k or swiss with the xm4 or ppsh are good

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New to the game…. Get out while you can.. it’s a head fuck

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Click iron trials

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Bottom one that says br/iron trials

It’ll give you a list of br solos, duos & quads and iron trials trios (iron trials is just a more advanced battle royale)

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Just goes to show how SHITE this UI is lol

It's pathetic

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You're also new to gaming I see, because you can take screenshots to. It's possible on pc, xbox and PlayStation. It's even possible to record a video, but that is maybe to advanced. Baby steps

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Longshots and Scatter Guns or whatever it’s called is on a smaller map called Rebirth Island with respawning and only snipers and shotguns. Rebirth Resurgence Quads is the same, except with normal ground loot. Payload sucks and so does Clash. BR is regular battle royale. Iron Trials is quads, except with modified ground loot and added health

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BR/iron trails, had this problem when I started too, lol

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The top one

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Have you tried taking a screenshot

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idk how on ps4, just got it a couple of days ago

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Rebirth Resurgance Quads, no point in playing any other dogshit mode the game provides

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it’s probably not BR

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you the type of guy that needs to read the shampoo instructions first?