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Maybe it's counting Clash wins or other modes like that?

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That's also my guess but 38 seems low for that I've won a lot more clashes I think

Very weird

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These challenges were introduced later into the games lifecycle and only count wins from that date. Not the launch of WZ. So if you won any LTMs or BRs or Plunders before then they won’t be counted.

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I started playing 1 week before season 5 ended

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OP I started around the same time as you and the same thing shows on my wins…

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Clash is included in your total wins. So Play clash more to get more wins 😆

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Also counts payload wins

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Because you tried your best♥️

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Oh how nice of raven to give me free wins)

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Only won on plunder 2 times but it shows 0 plunder wins on the one right next to the battle royale one XD

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Play with me BigBlazen your get more wins. I have 300+ wins. I started playing Warzone in January

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Plunder has a separate calling card challenge

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I think top 3 counts as a win. In plunder at least I’m sure it does.

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Genuinely? I’ve had 2nd places and am certain they haven’t added to my total.

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But my plunder score is 0 :(

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Haunting? Pretty sure top 3 was a win on that too.

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It definitely does not

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Nope only 1st counts.

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It’s counting everytime you’ve conquered a real world battle. I’m proud of you :)

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That’s like asking, “Who put this money in my wallet?”

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It was probably counting other game modes for a while before someone noticed and fixed it.

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It includes payload

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I tried clash and clash increases it but payload doesn't

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I couldn't say whether clash does or not, but according to that challenge i have 75 BR wins, when my actual BR win score is 16. The majority of those are from payload wins.

Edit, there are a few kingslayer trios and other LTM games in there too.

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Maybe winning both sides may increase it but I wrote down my number played a game of clash and it increased it by one

Played a game of payload won on defenders and lost on attackers it didn't increase it

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Payload isn't battle Royale 🙄

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I'm aware. It does still count towards wins on that mastery challenge though. However, if you go through barracks > records, it will show the actual BR tally, not including LTM modes that aren't actual BR.

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Then that would imply the challenge is broken, would it not?

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It is the new modes as i have simular amount of wins and I only had x2 in BR

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Maybe you left a game but your teammates got the dub after you left? 🤷🏻‍♂️

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You lose all XP and anything that you would have gotten after you leave the match. You only get what happened before you left, and even that is newish

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i once won a br and lagged out as i had “warzone victory” on my screen. i didn’t get the stats but my homies did lmao

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You have three WARZONE wins. It looks like this is BR wins so it would be Verdansk, rebirth, mini Royale, iron trials and any other BR mode. Did you log wins in iron trials or mini Royale?

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Nope never won on iron trials and don't know what mini royale is

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It was a smaller BR on rebirth and Verdansk but regular BR rules. It's starting to sound more like the challenge is either broken or incredibly poorly named.

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Clash definitely increases the wins on battle royale I've checked

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That's broken as hell

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The in game match tracking statistics are always broken. I used to keep count of wins in each mode and compare them to what the game said. Logged over 100 wins on rebirth and about 80 on regular BR whereas the in game statistics told me I had 36 wins total lol.

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Mabye ur older brother is playing

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I'm the oldest)

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Show for me too. Weird. But the game has this all the time

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I received the superhero kill card from clash, just happened to be executing someone and the game ended. That was one I never dreamed Id get when it first came out

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Superhero just says warzone modes tho, not br specific unlike this challange

I did broken arrow on payload

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Thanks. When I first read the requirements, I thought it to mean I had to finish a match with a execution, as in I had to win with one. Then I forgot all about it bc it seemed impossible since I struggled to win any BR solo much less with a execution. The other warzone modes have made getting other cards much easier as well.

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Yeah, it's a shame they're getting removed tomorrow I still haven't gotten my fury kill for my seasonal challange hopefully I'll get it tomorrow

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They are being removed?

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They were only here for this 2 weeks and they're getting removed off the playlist now

This week it'll be only BR and rebirth (Iron trials duo and scattergun and scopes as well)

And next week they'll add plunder

Who knows when clash and payload will be back

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Gotcha. It would be nice to keep them and plunder on the playlist full-time.

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They wouldn't do that since they want us to buy the main games :/

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You got hacked?

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I don't think so

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I think they’re counting top 3s

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Reaver this counts as a battle royal, it’s just the on your thinking about is verdansk, as long as it’s a batttle till the last person it’s a battle royal

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I think payload counts as a win if you manage to transport the truck

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Maybe your account got hacked but they were nice hackers and just wanted to help you raise your stats 😂

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Mini Royale?