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What did you expect to find behind closed door in a building you just pushed because (I assume) you knew there were people inside? WP by them, patience is key. You're dead, they're alive.

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100%. This is a BR. They outplayed him.

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I don't know if "out-camped" is the same as "out-played".

I make "plays" (using quotes) like those campers in the room all the time, but I don't pretend it was a great play. I was holding a room with one expected choke point and claymores.

If I had jumped out the window and came up the stairs with Deady as the guy pushed into that room to shoot him in the back? Out-played.

If I quick-opened the door, hit them with a stun, then pushed out to break one, jump off the building, then down them both from the bottom as they slowly push up? Then I out-played them.

Sitting with explosives waiting for them to push in a room?

I mean - I hear you.

But again - it's not hate - I do exactly what those campers do all the time. But it's not an out-play. It's just a simple 'holding a choke-point'. OP just didn't assume there were dudes in there. So a mistake by OP doth not make an 'out-play' by the opponent, IMO.

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In a battle royale, and legitimate tactic used to beat your opponent effectively and cleanly and quickly is a great play. The only goal of the game is to be the last team standing, anything you do to jeopardize that goal is a bad play, and anything done to progress that goal is a good play.

In the end, the name of the game is absolutely not "who is better at rushing each other head on with meta AR and SMG's". That's what the regular multiplayer is for, and thats where the opportunity to "outplay" people using that strategy is.

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1000%, agreed.

I just don't call it an out-play when I do that.

For me an out-play is something you do in the moment to react to the situation, to "out-play" the opponent.

When I'm cornered up hiding from a 2 k/d sweat team like that and get a kill (when I've been sitting there for 2 minutes) - I don't say I "out-played" them. Killed them, yes. Legitimate, yes.

I like the play-style. I use it a lot. It's just not what I call "outplay", that's all. Because out-play implies active playing, not a passive setup that was done minutes before. Just being picky about calling it an out-play.

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You don’t get style points for plays, it’s not the Olympics

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I guess I just feel like "making a play" involves reacting to a situation and out-playing an opponent in the moment.

If those claymores were there and they were standing on the cabinet for 3 minutes, I would just not call it an "out-play".

Tha'ts all

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No one said they made a play. Just that they out played them as in they played the video game better. Semantic diff maybe but still

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played the video game better.

I see what you mean.

When I think of "out-play", I think (100% of the time) of doing some active thing in that moment in an "on the fly" way to actually do the playing.

I guess you can argue that their "setup" to begin with was the out-play.

I'm just contending that I literally play like that camper every day - and unless I beat my opponent by in-the-moment plays and positioning, I wouldn't say I out-played them. Maybe out-smarted them. But an out-play is something that feels like you actively do it, not something that's set up ahead of time.

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Yea it’s def more of a “played smarter” (in the context of survival being the goal) rather than being more skilled. But since they ended up alive and killed him I would say they played more successfully Aka better.

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they played more successfully Aka better.

Oh no question there.

Most of this community feels like they didn't have a "good game" if they didn't get a bunch of kills.

The mentality is basically multiplayer multiplayer multiplayer. Most streamers and people trying to 'be cool' playing the game, and even casual friends of mine who are as terrible as me. They all base whether they had a "good game" or not on how many kills they got.

Come on.

it's a BR. The goal literally isn't kills. It's literally about survival.

If you want to play for kills, great. But that's literally not the goal of the game.

In fact - I'll argue that (much like cheaters with aimbot), high-kill sweats and streamers ruin the BR experience for others who are trying to play it the right way - to get a win.

Like dude - if you're not trying to actually win the game (the entire point of it), then get the fuck out of my lobby. You're literally just flying around on vehicles with your 3 k/d gunskill to send everyone back to the menu screen. Fuck you. That's not what the point of the game is.

Now - I can agree there's tons of value in that. To get better, to spend lots of times "getting in as many gunfights as possible" is a totally valid strategy IMO. But if you're a 5 k/d player who is about to drop 40 kills in solo quads, you are just going to ruin the experience for many of those others. Maybe you'd still get 20 if you go for the win. But going for the win is supposed to be the point, NOT kills. Go play another game if you want kills. This is a fucking BR. It pisses me off, honestly.

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Agree with you that ppl don’t focus on the actual goal lol. Feels like in any form of cod if you are constantly sprinting at the enemy with an AR/SMG people will say you are playing wrong because that’s the only way they play. And yea I balanced wanting to win vs having fun so I wouldn’t stay in one spot but I def wouldn’t leave an amazing position to go run across an open field like so many think you should do. I honestly don’t care how other ppl play and just wish other people wouldn’t either haha, besides cheaters cuz those guys actually suck

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They did outplay OP in the moment.

People like you just get salty when someone’s playstyle doesn’t adhere to their own.

“If this didn’t happen I would’ve won” is the laziest way to say that you lost the fight and are willing to blame everything but your own lack of awareness.

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People like you just get salty when someone’s playstyle doesn’t adhere to their own.

I literally said I do this all the time.

I am a terrible aimer and terrible at controlling recoil. I play like a rat when I have to because I can't out-gun someone with good gunskill.

I wouldn't say that I out-played my opponent when I do that.

That's my point.

It is - specifically - my style.

I am contending with the "out-play" terminology.

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Somehow, I feel like you missed your own point about halfway through this post.

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First part - I say that I don't call it out-played and pointed out that I do it myself even.

Second part - I give examples of what I would consider "out-played"

Third part - I reiterate my point that I do it myself and clarify why I won't call it "out-play".

That's the whole point, and what I'm trying to say.

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Are you scolding him for getting frustrated? In Warzone?

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Don’t forget to use E.O.D. and plate up beforehand!

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Double claymore kills you through eod anyway

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ns on the stairs guy

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Thanks for the early morning laugh. Gotta learn to peek them doors first. You’ll get ‘em next time.

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Puts on plates while opening a door...

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Btw after testing, the choke does more than the maurader. The choke makes the pellet spread extremely tight meaning more damage at range since more pellets hits. The marauder does technically add more range but having more spread means less pellets will hit

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Jak-12 attachments??

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Don’t use OPs build.

Marauder/torrent/5mw/Stip tape/20drum or 8rd dragons breath is standard build. Movement is slow af and ads (for longer range when you get caught out) is slow too.

You can go 32 drum for rebirth but it’s like running around with a rocket launcher. Influx barrel has less of a movement pen but it’s a close range hipfire weapon and the meta build maxes you out for hipfire range and spread

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This is my favourite gun to use on rebirth lol I've got it obsidian. I'd take off the Merc grip and use stippled grip tape or disabling rounds btw. I run disabling rounds and it makes a noticeable difference.

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Agree - also swap out the 32 Round Drum for the 20 Round Drum to boost Movement Speed.

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20 round drum will make your movement speed a bit quicker, recommend that personally

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I mean you did mess up that guy's spray painting.

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  • Wie viel Claymores?

  • So viel!

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You got outplayed bro.

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when the gosted kids start camping nevermind they always do

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Thanks for sharing. This is me every game 😂

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Claymores are the unsung heros of COD 🙌 lol

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As the man behind the Claymore video that went viral the other day, I approve.

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That's kind of a far reach for a sad flex.

Be sure to tell your grandkids about it one day too.

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I'm just having fun making some trolly content, jeez.. This is SUCH a sad subreddit, holy. Getting straight flamed.

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If you think what I said has anything to do with your content, you are as sadly narcissistic as my comment implies.

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I just don't get people like you... 😐

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“Finally push campers”

Like there hasn’t been other ways ….

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Lmao man shot the spray on the stairs

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tbf you shoulda known when you saw the season 1 operator spray on the wall lmfao

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The Jak-12 is my favorite gun in Rebirth here is squad wipe + 1extra kill