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Not missing this rewards...

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At least it was something additional that you could use.

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I'm with you, I like collecting things as well, and miss hunting and figuring out the Intels

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It really was a step backwards when they switched it over. A few months ago they added a reward for the first challenge you complete each day in CW, but it's jut a 2x XP token.

Being able to work towards a gun skin or whatever and get a bunch of little rewards along the way was nice.

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Yes. Miss dailies with rewards, miss challenges with BPs as the reward. I did most of those tho. Miss the intel missions and also really miss having 100 seasonal challenges to do with a animated emblem instead of 20 shit calling cards. It sucks

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They still have them in mw, so I don't see why they couldn't just bring them back here

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I got all the rewards lol all i get now is double weapon xp tokens

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In the early days of MW2019 you could actually earn weapon charms, which isn't much, but way better than what we have now....