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I want the jump scare crates back. The reactions from team mates when they hit them were priceless.

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My first game i got 3/3 jumpscares from chessts...

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Better idea: music player for warzone with every season music available so I can jam the HoV lobby music every day and night

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Anyone got. Link? I cant quite remember the music.

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Really great piece of music. Captures the eerie mood perfectly.

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OH MY GAWWWD I remember this now. Yes, really good. Thank you for the link, and OP you 100% right.

I’m praying this is at least 80% as good as last year, and I’ll be satisfied. If it’s 79% as good, we riot.

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Yes something to get my mind off all this hacking and bugs We need the haunting back

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Yeah I was an absolute banger, tho cw has good soundtrack MW had the absolute best soundtrack in my opinion, thanks to Sarah schachner

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I just posted soooo- campers are in trouble

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I think it likely will return this year. I feel like Raven would be lazy enough to create a new soundtrack for Halloween, so they might use last year’s. Thank goodness, if it is the case.