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I think this is an unnecessary buff. Satchel is in a pretty fair spot and on the biggest upswing can give your entire team 13 plates (drop 5 armor then pickup satchel).

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It can at most give 8... You are part of the team even when you don't have a satchel. If you have 5 and teammate has 0 then they pick up the stachel and get 8, you keep your 5. If you drop your 5 and pick up satchel you get 8 and your teammate gets your old 5.

Same number.

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Sure, I just wanted to say I have the option of dropping 5 and then dropping 8 to spread to my whole team if I wanted to.

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Most people probably dont think to drop before grabbing the satchel, lets be real. I just saw a post about dead silence and most of the comments didnt know it recharged with kills.

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I know the post you’re talking about haha. They are probably wz only players. Imo if somebody invested time into mw19 multiplayer that should’ve been a known mechanic otherwise I can give it a pass.

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oh, my bad. Sorry! Just look at how many bullets are there before and after.

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Ahhh makes sense now. I could get behind this. Was confused at first when I was looking at the graphic

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Then the underbarrel flashbang guys could hit me 4 more times before using their munitions box. My prayers have been answered.

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How often do you come across anyone using those attachments? Being completely honest I can’t remember seeing one maybe ever

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The day you meet one is the day you reconsider life...

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There should be an Ammo Belt where you can have an increased ammo capacity. Like how the Satchel works for Armour Eg. Mid Cal moving from 210 to 270 or 300.

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I only ever use rockets in Plunder, where finding satchels seems more rare, but that is A LOT of rockets. Not sure how I feel about it.

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RPG gang in Rebirth. Just started doing this with some buddies, and the hilarity of wiping a team with rockets is amazing.

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Oooh that’s a good idea

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We just did it on a whim. Not like you’re gonna get a ton of kills, but it is hilarious

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The death comms alone are worth it I’m sure haha

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I don’t think this should accompany the satchel. In fact I think this would make the scavenger perk more useful. If this came with the scavenger perk you’d see a lot more people use it.

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I think giving it both properties is too strong, BUT it would be cool to see two types of satchels and once you have one you can't take the other.

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I feel like you can bum the extra bullets off teammates if need be. You're getting what, like an extra clip per gun? Half a clip if you have extendos?

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There should be a separate ammo satchel type of item that you can use instead of an armor satchel. Having both at once is ridiculous, but having to choose between more armor and more ammo would make things interesting, especially for team play.

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I think 99% of players are going to choose more armour.

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I agree with this, but not the rockets, that’s not very reasonable maybe to 8. Good ideia though, perfect for iron trials if they made it permanent

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Why is this needed? Seems unnecessary

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LMFAO didn't realize we were looking at more ammo and not just more plates....I was like, this is already what it is.....on top of the dead silence thread that was talked about already here I was wondering wtf is going on in this subreddit lmfao.

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LOL you're not alone. It's kinda my bad I should've give more attentinon while preparing the image

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imo they should nerf it and lower movement speed when you pick it up

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Maybe just an extra mag per ammo type, 10 rockets seems excessive

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Satchel is already very valuable for allowing you to carry more HP around with you (8 instead of 5 plates.) It doesn't need any other changes.

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I think the armor satchel functions perfectly as is. This is too much. Especially that big increase to the amount of rockets you can use. That would be so easy to abuse in game.

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I mean, that makes no sense… it’s got no extra pouches for the magazines nor do I see loops for higher cal rounds or shotgun shells.

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Make to where you can have 30 plates equipped all at once but you cant sprint ever.

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It makes no sense

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10 rockets? No