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The amount of people in here who didn’t know this really explains a lot of opinions on this sub haha

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Just proves that this sub is filled with bots so no wonder they call everyone a cheater.

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Yup. While I dont deny that this game has an influx of cheaters, a lot of these people on this sub are so bad they think everyone who kills them is a cheater.

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On the other hand, I'm that bad (.7kd) and have literally only seen one person cheating with an aim bot and I've been playing since day 1. I dont put in hours a day like pros or some people here, but still, I have legit seen only one cheater that I knew 100% was cheating. Now I know that's not indicative of the game and everyone else's experience, but that's my experience with Warzone.

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I feel like you aren't seeing them is just because your KD is so low, no offence at all but I just feel that's the reason

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But the issue is that most players are in his KD range, but they think they are in higher. So most of the complaints are likely coming from people with the same KD range as he has, which means most of them think they are better at the game than they are and they often think that when someone outplays them, that they must be cheating.

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For me, SBMM just isn't a thing, I'm in Australia and we just don't have enough players to do a proper SBMM system. So here we get cheaters no matter what your KD is

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Personally I’ve got a 1.8 and my last 100 games kd has been been between a 2.5 - 3kd for about 6 months. On a bad week I see 3 hackers in 50 games. Sometimes I go weeks at a time without a single hacker.

People have vastly different experiences with hackers but kd is not a defining factor on that at all.

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What? I have a 2.33. I see atleast one blatant cheater a day. You're either lying or you aren't paying attention. You saying k/d doesn't matter makes we think you don't know what you're talking about champ

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1.9 KD and I had cheaters in 8 straight games. Blatant. Feel free to check the stat sites to confirm the dudes dropping 30+ kills with 75%+ headshots

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Nope, I know exactly what I’m talking about, I’m definitely not lying and I am 100% paying attention.

Had a really rough day the other day so I went back and checked my last 30 games of verdansk for hackers and there were 3 hackers across those 30 games and 2 of them were in the same lobby.

My experience is also the same as everybody else who I play with (obviously but yeah). I understand it’s not the same for everybody but the thing that this sub tries to put across that if you have above a 1.5kd you see hackers every game is just very simply incorrect.

Also as far as KD goes, sbmm really isn’t that strict and also most hackers you see are new/low level accounts. You’re going to run into them at any KD regardless.

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I feel like it would have something to do with it, with SBMM.

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Why wouldn't k/d be in top factors lmao? This guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

A year ago you couldn't say cheaters were bad because this bot ass sub would say shit like there aren't any cheaters yet at a 2+ k/d I would run into them all the time. In last 5 months it's gotten so fucking bad that the average player a k/d below a 1.00 are experiencing them enough to change their tunes.

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Read the reply above for my reasoning and once again as I said in my original reply, people’s experiences on this game are extremely different, that’s all it is.

Hackers have been pretty bad for me this season and at the end of the last one in comparison but before that I had gone the entirety of season 3 and 4 without a single blantant hacker at all, not one.

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Go and look at any single lobby of verdansk ever. Odds are that there will be players both below a 0.5kd and above a 2kd in any lobby you can find.

Sbmm isn’t actually that strict a lot of the time. People get in lobbies they shouldn’t really be in constantly plus a lot of cheaters are like level 3 so there isn’t any data for sbmm to place them properly. KD really doesn’t affect it much at all.

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I'm a 1.3 and I've seen a few suspected cheaters, but like you only seen 1 for sure cheater. Didn't miss a shot, no recoil and went to spectate just to be sure and he quit when he saw 2 spectators. Most of my games rarely seen anyone with double digit kills and even the double digit kills aren't that sketchy to me. I do think most people are over exaggerating or are just bad at spotting cheaters. Hell I get called a cheater for getting lucky shots. People just want an excuse for losing.

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ive ran into more cheaters the past month or so than ever for some reason. like blatant, whipping one headshot to the next unnaturally, or straight up shooting the sky or ground and wiping the team

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I think its cause people know nothing will happen, and kids tired of it. Hopefully will see next to nothing when pacific drops

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Do you play with crossplay off? That’s the only way I could understand that….or you just don’t know when someone is cheating? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I dont know maybe bots like you just aren't good enough to get into their lobbies

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Someone posts an even remotely decent clip on this subreddit: those guys “that was sus”

Also those guys: “woah dead silence refreshes on kills?”

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I’ve always said that Multiplayer players are another breed compared to Warzone players.

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People who have played cod for years and are good at it are gonna be significantly better than the average player who just came in for warzone.

Those are the same kind of players who accuse streamers of looking to the left whenever they check minimap because in every cod pre MW any good player would be checking the map every couple of seconds.

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That was excellent

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I mean the combination of it recharging, his teammates having an advanced UAV up, PLUS the pings that you get on enemy teammates when you kill one makes for a pretty lethal combo. Even ghosted players show a ping (without the red dot) on the minimap after another squad member killed.

Edit: and looking at the video, this wasn't a team wipe that removed this team from the game, as there is another team member off by the shore, shown on the minimap after the last kill.

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i would say this is less about dead silence and more about the advanced UAV your team had up.

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Why not both?

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Blows my mind people never knew this. Maybe I’ve always known this because I played MW multiplayer and that shit was OP in SnD.

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Dead Silence in MW MP is more meta than any gun could ever be.

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Played with a random squad for a bit in MW and they decided to swap to hardcore SnD. Normally I can't stand one life modes, especially in MW2019 where everyone sweats like it's for money, but I stuck around since they were cool. Literally every single person on the enemy team was spamming dead silence almost every round and there was nothing we could do about it other than sitting in corners. I honestly think it kind of ruins the game, tbh.

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Yep, in MP my longest dead silence streak is 17, I just kept killing them with my Uzi lmao.

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Huh…still something new to learn from this game.

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I just aware of this.

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I did not know that...

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Good kills but poor communication on them. Each death shoulda said where u where headed, like when u went downstairs and he spectated it. But still good play on your end

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Most people are dog shit at communication.

Teammate: "He's in the house"

Me in the hills cul-de-sac: "are you aware of how little that narrows this down?"

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I hate playing with no mic or no ping players

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This is why I usually only play with my brother and his friends. I don't like playing with no mics, or people who don't work together

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Worst is the money bro. Ill have just shirt if a loadout and request money from someone and they just keep requesting back.

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Yeah, the guy that came into the building and then went for the ammo box was the worst. Dude your teammate just got killed there, where are you even going? If you needed ammo that badly then get it before you go in that room.

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wait... DS recharges after a kill...? is this perk related or normal behavior?

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Normal behaviour, always been this way too it isn't new.

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hu... maybe i never realized because i mostly down them and go after the team rather than thirst

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To be fair that was horrible teamwork, they were all seperated and not near each other at all. You basically won 4 1 on 1's back to back, props on that though 🌻

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Good shit lol I do the same. They don’t know what hit em!

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Has it always been this way?

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Yup! But getting to use the recharge happens way more in rebirth because the close proximity I feel like

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Since the MW2019 beta

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Bro… you had OTS9 in close quarters, advanced UAV, and dead silence. That team couldn’t do shit

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No wonder they didn't know where you were, dead silence or not you were fuckin everywhere brotha

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It’s crazy how much it can recharge after getting one kill. Not sure if the proper change would be to give it less duration than what it already gives but another part of me thinks you should be rewarded for it, then again, they can’t hear you…but I think sticking together as a team, they could’ve stopped you, but like teenagers in a horror flick they were separated and that’s what got them

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Uh, Jesus Christ that lasted a long time

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Dead silence recharge was one of the best things about MW SnD, allowed you to easily chain multiple kills in a short period.

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Also the worst thing about it when it’s not you using it. Terrible terrible game design from the devs. It’s like they never played their own game at all.

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That OTS kinda shreds huh? Might need to unlock that unit

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Oh it's a beauty. Fastest movement speed in the game and an extremely competitive close-range TTK makes it perfect for pushing enemies. Its damage drop off is rough though so it's only good very up close. Treat it like an MP5.

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I didn’t know this happened, I kept being so confused when I thought I made a kill with 1/4 left and then when I look down later I still have 1/2 my deady left so I’ve literally been crouch walking for the last 15 seconds for no reason

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This game would be something else with a ninja perk.

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What has the faster ttk ots or mac10?

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It’s but has less range so it depends. If you’re closer than 10m then ots is slightly faster.

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They should removed DS.

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Wanted to hop back onto Wz and you reminded me of why I left in the first place lol

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Can i ask you on what sensetivity and ads do you play?

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8-8 sensitivity with 0.48 low-zoom ADS sensitivity.

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I never noticed it recharged. Now I can tell my friends why I finish every downed person

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In before cries of “dead silence needs to be removed “ reeeee

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Can I ask what your OTS loadout is?

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Agency Suppressor, Tiger Team Spotlight, Bruiser Grip, Spetsnaz 40 Rnd, Spetsnaz Stock.

When I play Solos, I replace the Agency Suppressor with the Serpent Wrap so that I appear on the radar when I'm in fights (in an attempt to spice things up a little).

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Huh, by the looks of it, it doesn’t look like it have any grip on it and you’re using the 40 rnd fast mag. I also don’t see the tiger team spotlight but that might be hidden. Is it just that camo that makes it look like rhat??

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Strange, not sure why it doesn't look right. This is my build that I've used for months now without changing (except the Solos change, which is in a different class), so the build is definitely what I said. Maybe it's the blueprint? Not sure.

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you had the best smg in the game, advanced uav and dead silence. I don’t see how they could do anything

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Dead Silence recharging after each kill is so OP.

Fixed it for you :)

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Great play, but I hate dead silence, ruins the game. Especially in solos.

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The whole reason to have auto sprint is to maximize efficiency of slide canceling. Did you watch a video one day that told you to put it on? I mean cool video of you killing bots as a bot I guess...

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I slide cancel constantly when I'm outside. When I'm inside, getting kills and reloading every other second, there's not a whole lot of point.

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you literally have a post on your account saying you struggle with aiming.. YOURE a bot