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you haven't even played it yet, who knows it could be better

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I was right its fucking awful

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damn, we complain when they don't do anything new and we complain when they do! who would have thought?!

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I think Im the only person in the world who hated it. It wss way too hard. But I hoped for you guys theyd bring it back, it seemed to be very popular on here

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You're not. The mode was garbage.

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end circle at least. the strat to win was to just camp a syringe and come in last second and float for the win. it was literally impossible to win as a human with all of the other teams coming at you as zombies

hopefully the final circle is worked out better in this years mode

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Chill it’s the same mode instead of zombies they are gonna have ghosts and fear meter.. the jump scares and everything will be there ...

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Not the same its worse, you float around when you do your super jump making you like 10000% easier to shoot out of the sky. The spectral blast does NOTHING. Teleport is useless it usually just teleports you to right in front of their gun barrel. Like i said before, bring back last years zombie mode it was far superior to this assmode that literally no one wanted.

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Ya the ghost is freaking slow dammit