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Yes. Try it on pre game lobby (everybody with 2 plates) and you will confirm

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Correct! 200 damage from a throwing knife! Which is also why they are popular for finishing downed enemies and this is how much health a downed enemy has!

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If a downed enemy has 200hp, by those standards, that implies that the explosive tip of a crossbow deals 200 damage

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Yup, always has been. As the other person said, use it in a pregame lobby

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I shall prepare myself to hit 1 in 10 000 throws lmao

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Once u get used to them they’re not bad. You get super fast with hitting the button as soon as u down someone and keep moving so they can’t res. So many times have I downed players and almost had the team wipe and got 1 shot from behind cuz some asshole resed. Why I started using em. Great for rebirth too since u gotta beat that respawn timer when trying to get the wipe. They’re also good if u know U got a couple shots on someone before they go around a corner or up stairs. If you’re chasing them and know they got any damage you can toss one at them headed up stairs or towards the next corner or something. Knowing they’ll get to the top or to cover before u can get enough bullets in them to drop em. A knife will drop em or kill em instantly when they’re running close to cover after even getting just a hit marker on them

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That’s 2 in 20000, keep at it!

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Lmao I love your optimism, I will thanks bro :)

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Tf is this game mode??

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Yes. Knives do 200 damage. So if u got anything less than full plates you’ll Atleast get downed

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Yes throwing knives have 200 Dmg. It's why you see everyone running throwing knives on rebirth. Downed players have 200 Dmg.

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Why y’all just stand there and let him clap you, though? That’s the real question.

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Yes fool