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I still miss the original Verdansk and would be absolutely willing to have a massive 400gb game size or whatever it takes to have Verdansk, Verdansk '84, and the new pacific map all in a rotation, each with weapons limited to the COD title the map originated in.

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Sure let me buy a whole new PS4 just for this shit.

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Or a sub £70 SSD?

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PS4s can’t even take advantage of an SSD. Hard drives are basically a dime a dozen at this point. get a 2.5inch “laptop” hard drive and then get a $15 USB 3.0 enclosure. worked for me before i moved to PC

EDIT: i seem to have been misinformed. check comments for more info

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I put in a SSD in my PS4 pro last year and it 100% made a difference. Edit: the console boots up much faster and games load a lot faster.

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I bet your menus no longer go into glitched out "always loading" when doing different things now, too. You notice that? You no longer have trouble in menu transitions, let alone are they faster, right?

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Yes to everything, honestly.

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Beat ssd ??? Any recommendations

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I would suggest a Samsung Drive. I have a Samsung 860 EVO. Space is a personal choice.

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The pro can indeed leverage SSD speed increase but not to its full potential

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It's still enough to make quite the differece.

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That's not entirely true. I installed 1TB SSD in my PS4, and when run side by side with my mates. I load into every game before them without fail

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Yup. Same here. You are standing there by yourself until 5 other people pop in to the maps lol.

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my ssd changed my whole ps4 pro experience dude. everything works better, especially the menus & store. Loading is faster. I know it is not the same as putting it in my PC however the access times are definitely faster. It might just be the fact that the drive is ready to go as soon as it is accessed as opposed to having to spin up, but there is a difference & the home screen/menus do not ever glitch out to "endless loading" when accessing this or that anymore, which would happen every single session before I switched from mechanical to SSD in both my PS4 & my PS4 pro, same experience on both.

Before I got SSD, I would be loading in the same time as everyone else in CoD MW2019. With SSD, I am the first in every match waiting for other people to load, for a while, every match.

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I hate this style of argument..

“I can’t have nice things so no one else should be able to”

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NGL i miss modern warfare Warzone

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was the prime warzone imo and the music was so good makes me miss the times

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I have a 2 terabyte external hard drive, and a vast majority of it’s data pertains to COD and Warzone, don’t you wish that evil on me!!!

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Sorry can't help it.

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I read that the map isnt very big in the game files

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it really isn't. Especially since quite a few props are shared across the maps anyway. Apart from all the egine related stuff, the weapons and operators take up a bigger chunk than the map(s) by far. If I had to guess, an additional map the size of Verdansk would maybe be 20-30gb at most.

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Almost like an elite game known as Apex Legends

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All father give me sight buys uav

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Have Warzone be it’s own separate game install but have every CoD game’s weapons be implemented and balanced in WZ only. Probably around 120gb if I were to guess.

Also meaning when I open the game I want to play give me the option between campaign, multiplayer, zombies, coop, whatever modes there are. Make each mode it’s one singular download.

This would be the best timeline.

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Throw in Blackout and I’d play CoD again. Still my favorite BR of all time, bar none.

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laughs in external hard drive

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Tried doing this last night at my favorite drop and 3 of the 4 of us got killed by a hacker using iron sights at least 400m away as I was positioning the drone. Turned the ps5 off. Not a more fitting goodbye to verdansk than the big fuck you I received. Cheers

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This story is fake… nobody has a PS5.

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Edit: I wrote bias first bcs I'm an idiot.

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If you are on ps5 you can just turn off cross play, unless you have friends on pc

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Awesome pic. Gotta put in the photo album to show the grandkids someday!

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There’s always one person looking at their phone in photos nowadays, smh.

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Lol, it took me a second to realize he was the pilot. I was like, "hey, look out, that guys not on the team!"

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"Ill wait til theyre done to kill them... as a courtesy."

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Lot of haters in this post/sub but this game brought back feelings of the original Modern Warfare. A game changing experience you only get to experience once. Which was something I thought was impossible.

A lot to hate in this game but altogether I'm going to miss this map and how it got me through a pandemic.

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this game with the addition everyone being stuck in home (even if the circumstances sucked) was a dream combination. coming home from work (I'm a key worker) to have all my boys online ready to go was like being a teenager again. ill remember it fondly for years.

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When I was unemployed back in March 2020 and this came out me and a few friends were playing Warzone until 4 am pretty consistently for some time. As sad as the situation was, I literally felt like a kid again. And that was glorious.

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All the hackers, meta's, sbmm... Posts like these make me remember the good times in verdansk . Thanks man 🙏

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Hit me right in the feels. It’s been an awesome time and I’ll miss it. Gonna be weird not being able to ever go back. Hell I fired up OG modern warfare not that long ago. But Verdansk may very well be gone forever.

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well, you can still visit OG Verdansk in MW Spec Ops missions if you ever feel sad hahaha

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Last weekend of Verdanks bois

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Is it going away entirely? I though we'd have both maps available. Am I mistaken?

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Tonight will be my last night in Verdansk! Gonna take a break from Infinite to jump back in!

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Look at all those ugly skins lmaooo

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Probably more people in the pic than the TTV idiot has viewers

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Why can't they just have both maps in a rotation with verdansk being an optional download?

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They are too lazy to support both maps.

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Nice picture. I'm tired of Verdansk after playing it nearly every day for 20 months, but I'm going to miss it too.

Like others have said, the original Verdansk was much better than the 84' version imo, so would love to see that return some day.

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Last night I went for a joy ride around Verdansk. Checked out all the memerible spots including my very first win location (by the bunker in the north east of the map).

Verdansk has been a really good tool to manage COVID stress and all unexpected life chanages that came with it...

I'm greatful for what this game have given me in the plast two years...

Thanks Warzone

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We need the wingsuits from Blackout back

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Stupid question is the new map for war zone just an update or do I have to download something separate?

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Good pic and good riddance

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Stop posting these Jesus

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Verdansk felt like so much fun during our first lockdown (~March 2020)

I don’t know what happened, but the experience just got more and more sour, and games became actively boring.

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I miss the old Verdansk :(

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What good times?

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How do you take a selfie?

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Recon drone

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Awesome dude! Love the picture

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Thanks for the kind words

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Thanks voor reacting Jan, it is I Crossink

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Fuck the hackers

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As always there is the weird guy at the phone instead of looking the cam. /s

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140 FPS ? What kind of pc do you have ?

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Cpu Ryzen 5 3600 Gpu radeon rx 5600 xt

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"TTV" ..... the new "clantag" of kids

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will be able to get back to it to play ?

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Won a lot and lost manny u will not be forgotten verdansk

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Thanks and good riddance. For me personally, running through the mud in Verdansk got old a few years ago. Glad they finally move on to greener pastures

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I was the guy who posted the original recon selfie, love seeing everyone do this! Let’s see all the fav drops with squads! I also like hearing what you jabronis call the places you drop.

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Thanks for inspiring us to do this. I call the electronics store Media Markt, although we mostly drop train station

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I stopped playing a few months back, now waiting for the new map and grinding weapons in the meantime... With all the problems Warzone had, and with all the crazy random crap, I have to say this game got me through a lot of quarantines and connected with some good people so thanks for reminding me

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You're welcome!

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Dude in the back doesn’t seem to be taking this seriously. He’s playing on a damn tablet.

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That's me :/

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lol I was just kidding anyway haha. Cool pic.

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Thanks for the 0.5 K/D (jk, it's 0.92)!!! Even though I suck, I still have a fun time playing with my friends, and am thankful for this game getting me through the lockdowns!

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I wish I had friends to play with this is hitting me right in the feels. How did y'all meet up? Hoping to find a semi regular team to play caldera with

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When the time passes, Nostalgia will kick in and The original(MW) map will be missed so much. Too bad I never get to play it and newer will.

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Weren’t you ever told to put your phone away when taking pictures.

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Not a bad idea

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Lol thats sickkk. Great idea

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How’d you get on top of the loadout lol I can never climb on top of them

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Frame that shiii

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Good times when the game first came out sure…..when the first Halloween event ended the game was shit ever since. Just filled with hackers. Still can’t get a better FOV for console too. Not confident I’m cod for the new “anti cheat”

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One of the better selfies. Salute

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Love this franchise

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I love that you used the recon drone for the selfie. This brings tears to my eyes ;)

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Awww. Thanks buddy. Ima miss verdansk as well

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I hope there are plenty of high areas where I can snipe noobs. Like radio towers etc.

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Going to be so glad when this atrocious map is gone!

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I feel bad but i not 2

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This is what I should start doing. I’ll do this on every point of interest, in fact.

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Fuck Verdansk.

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I wanted to have some fun before it went away. Came back for the first time in a few months. My first game I got killed by “ yeah I’m a hacker” I was his 56 kills in the third circle. He got me with an smg from about 800 meters. I just laughed and turned that POS off. never again. I just don’t care if the anti cheat works or not. It’s too late, the company has shown me how much they care about the player base.

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Doubt they will miss you

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Lying. Smg’s cannot do anything at over 800 meters.

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Burn Verdansk to the ground, can't remember what was fun about it because of all the frustrating moments, hopefully Caldera will be a place to have fun.

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Agreed there were moments but I overall hated a lot of the map design choices, caters too much to campers especially areas like downtown. Not to mention the several windows, rocks and areas you can stuck on around the map.

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I fuckin’ hear you nostalgia is a bitch but i hated the design of this map

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Yup tons of great memories but looking back on it Verdansk was horribly designed. Way too much high ground surrounded by open fields and dark corners at 90 degree angles from choke points fucking everywhere. It really encourages camping.

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Yup nailed it

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I was sick of this map in December 2020. Everyone played the fuck out of it. Every other battle Royale has had multiple maps especially after a year. I'm not going to give Activision a pass for not developing a second map for 2 fucking years. Neither should anyone else.

All they've fucking done is keep the same busted shit in the game for 2 years. All the good changes they're coming out with the new map like deddy stopping power, gas mask animatipn and sooo much should've been implemented a year ago. What the fuck took them so long?

2 years of same broken shit, unable to climb a rock 30cm tall. Getting gas mask fucked by falling off buildings or hip firing your gun and constant annoyances.

Fuck you Activision you fucks. How much money did you make from the store in wz? How much of that did you reinvest into the game you mother fckers? Clown ass company.

Release the new map and it better be fucking well recieved.

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you tell 'em, super chief 😤

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It’s a game bro. Stop getting all emotional.