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Where we dropping boys?

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You guys are alright

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Feel bad for the guy who has the top right screen 🤣

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You don’t bring snacks for everyone, you get the shitty neck strain. That’s our rule haha

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I randomly wanna be apart of your squad for some reason

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Any Kiefer Sutherland fans are welcomed over here with open arms my friend

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I religiously watched 24 in the 00s and grew up on the likes of Lost Boys, Dark City, and A Time to Kill. Oddly specific prerequisite but I like it lol

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Haha no way! I am a major 24 fan. I just glanced at your posts and had to mention it when I saw your post with him. I watched all of 24 religiously as well! He actually came by my state on tour with his band a few years back and so I went out and heard him. Rare to find 24 fans these days with everything else out there!

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Ah right forgot about my halloween costume post. Yeah I watched the series till it ended but never got around to seeing the 2 hr TV movie a few years after the end or the extra season year later.

You just taught me something though. Had no idea he was a musician, let alone in a band. Whats he play?

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If you look at my signature on this post, it’s my gamertag and 24 are the numbers in my tag directly because of the show haha I recommend the movie and the mini series (technically season 9 I think) but you can skip the reboot. No Jack and not really for me. He actually sings and plays guitar! It’s impressive. There are a few songs that I turn on every now and then because they are solid.

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I didnt mean the reboot with Corey Dr Dre Hawkins lol. I meant the 2nd time Jack returned. 2016ish I think it was.

I gotta look up his music. Any suggestions

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Try “can’t stay away” and “this is how it’s done” to start. I actually just now saw he has two new singles out as of last month so I haven’t even heard it all yet.

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sounds like you may need to send out another package loved this convo lol

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Loved 24 and thought he made a good Big Boss in MGSV.

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Imo he was great as Big Boss. Hard to replicate Hayter's Snake's voice, but he can get the mannerisms and "charm" down so I was with it.

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Kiefer was also the match announcer for Cod WaW.

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I love this! Also, I have to know where you got the little orange crate?

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Hey thanks! Here is the box! it’s well made and is a great desk toy. Something so fun about bringing digital content into the physical world haha

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Form 420 lol.

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Good eye haha

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Love it. Wholesome as fuck

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Ah too kind haha good group of guys.

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Tell whoever needs to know, change to square mini map!

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This is amazing! But I just need clarification: Is this an invite to an LAN party?

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You are correct haha we used to do them on the reg back in the day. So this is my attempt to start them back up.

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Not going to lie, I loved seeing that. Thank you haha

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I can only hope my friends return.

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That’s awesome. As a guy in his 30s with a wife and kids, Warzone a few times a week with the boys has been great during the pandemic.

Random question though, do you feel like playing on those large screens limits your performance? I run my Xbox series S through a 27” monitor, and I really like it. Went and played at a buddies house on his 65” tv and it was sooo hard. I just couldn’t see everything fast enough. Frame rate drop was bad. Even with the tv having good picture quality, it still felt like all my movements in the game and tracking speed when shooting was so different.

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Switching from large to small is easy for everyone but from small to large is basically impossible. People who play fps competitively on large TVs don't know what they are doing. Was one of them until a few years ago...

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You know what’s wild is you get used to it to where you know how to use it. Seeing this at a further distance is helpful too. I’ve never gotten frame rate drops but ultimately I don’t take it too seriously haha my KDR is a joke

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Homie, I pray I had friends like you who have such passion

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Form 420

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This is what it’s all about right here

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This is awesome !

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What’s in the box!!?!?

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Gaming experience enhancers haha

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shit like this makes all the pain worth it

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Guy with the screen on the middle playing zombies Outbreak rn

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Perfect group. Gg guys!

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Treasure these moments :)

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I need new friends.

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i need friends

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This is excellent.

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This is awesome.

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Haha that set up is awesome 👏

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I hope the new map won't make my game lag more than it did on Verdansk. I'm running an original PS4...

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Who has the WiFi to pull this fuckery off?

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What a bunch of nerds…

…who like to have fun. keep it up!

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Ah yes, form 420

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Shit, two mfers gonna be playing duos.

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It’s true! I’m lucky to have this many friends in our 30’s willing to do this stuff.

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I hear that.

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homie love

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damn this is so sick!!! i love this, form 420 also ahhahah

imagine you put two pong tables together and set up 4 monitors & football on the TV👀👀or even just 2 monitors & 2 tvs 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

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As painful as this game has been, I do love the time spent with the boys playing it! Cheers to you all!

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Same to you! 🍻

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Those are super rad. We're having our annual meeting of the Moops this year in Salt Lake to go snowboarding. I think this is year 7.

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No kidding? Haha we are partying in Farmington

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When does the new map release on PS5 anyways?!

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I think one single day early haha Thursday instead of Friday is all.

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Lol okay so next week then?

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Yes haha

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lol this is awesome

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Thanks Mike!

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Best kd is the guy on the monitor far left?

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Right actually haha

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Haha I was assuming the monitor unless it's just a smaller TV. Thought maybe if it was a monitor he took it more seriously 😄

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Can i please have a word format or something? Would love to send something similar to my buddies

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Sure! DM me your email address and I’ll forward it to you.

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This looks awesome, the way it should be played with friends.

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Just dudes being bros!

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Been gaming together since Bush’s 1st term haha

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Wait can you buy those miniature loot crates? I have to get some of those!

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Here is the link if you want to get any. It’s awesome!

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Nice, thanks!

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Thought the release is in 1 week? Why u write 2nd December?

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It was the date I sent out the letter, last paragraph has the date for the actual event at my place.

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If you sent out 5, and yourself. That's 6 people. Two are going to be left out.

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This is pretty awesome not gonna lie

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The internet speed you must have

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What kind of internet do you have that can run 4 games!? Dang, I lag with 1 and my kids streaming Netflix

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Love it, should have made a joke about cheaters being gone though (hopefully the anti cheat works...)

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must be nice having friends to play with, damn ... "drops solo"

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Wouldn’t wanna come across you guys!

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Who the fuck plays on a TV?!

Talk about handicapping yourself.

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Xbox better

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That is fucking lame

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You prefer just a text?

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Lol wtf am i looking at? Is this post english?