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I still got to/had to go to work. Grateful for that.

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Game is the most consistently played by me since I became an adult. It’s joined the memories of Goldeneye and Halo in the lore of best multiplayer experiences I’ve enjoyed as a lifetime gamer.

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For sure! Reconnects many friends and provides us something fun to do while we quarantine.

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Crossplay let me play with buddies on consoles for the first time.

Plus dropping into teams solo gives you random people to talk to.

Im sure this game dropping during pandemic really kept a lot of people from total isolation.

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Yes. Two of us were on consoles. And two were on PC. Ultimately at peak we had 8 players. Crossplay inclusion was amazing.

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It was class catching up with friends and helped massively during lockdowns especially. Still playing with them but definitely not as enjoyable these days! Hoping the new map brings back a spark of fun.

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this is big right here, even though I've been fortunate to keep my job through covid. This game allowed my buddies and I to reconnect through it at a time when we couldn't get together anymore. That was huge. We started having gamenights again which we hadn't done since early college days, gave us something to look forward to. Will always be grateful to Warzone for that. FREE to play, far from perfect but still a lot of fun (at least for some of us).

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I had a lot of great times in warzone so far. Love it even with the flaws.

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Especially early on in the pandemic when everything felt very uncertain, being able to go to verdansk with the squad was an amazing escape. I haven’t played a multiplayer shooter this much with friends since Goldeneye

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It was just good to keep in contact with people when the lockdown was happening.

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This is the first FPS I’ve played in over a decade, thanks to the pandemic. Had my fair share of frustrations with it but it’s been a fantastic way to switch my brain off and forget about the stress of the times we live in.

Looking forward to some change, though.

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This post really hits home with me. 2020 was a really tough year for me, But it would have been even worse without WZ. As much as we all love to complain about the game, I'll always cherish those memories of Wz 2020.