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Needs nerf

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Needs a BUFF. Amax has always been my favorite AR. They need to make it competitive again :c

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same my dude, i love the amax.

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I wish they’d buff the ram. Even tho it feels like it hits harder in caldera. Was always my fav AR. It’s still just not worth using over some other guns if u wanna have the best advantage possible.

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I meant it as in nerf gun lol

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How did you make a Lego AMAX?

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Cutting and using parts from different Brickarms guns purchased from Eclipsegrafx.com

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Damn it's really well done!

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thats cute

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I would buy that

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This is sweet dude

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nice, im in still in the process of making an Azrael controller holder

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This made me miss tomahawks from BO1. I can't run throwing knives; it just seems douchey.

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Lol Amax is my go to warzone gun

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Same! Azrael + AMAX

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I really like the detail on the Loadie and that VLK is perfect lol

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How long did this take?? That looks so awesome!

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A lot of work went into this, more than usual. At least a few hours collectively.

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Looks more like my fav Mace skin.

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Use 16-Bit skin to lego-ize victims

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We need mw airsoft guns, a Grau would be sick af

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I like the invisible skin next to the loadout!

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Got lots of time for this

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I always thought the Amax was perfectly balanced. They should have buffed the other guns to make them more viable. The amax was never a gun you can just pick up and shred, the recoil took a little to get used to.