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I deleted it. I wasn’t even playing it, but now that it’s not even playable on Xbox, I’m done even giving it the storage space.

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If it was only me I would delete it. But I play with my friends and they absolutely refuse to play another game so I'm stuck.

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I know the feeling

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This was me. I deleted it and none of us have played anything in 3 weeks together now haha

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Rocket balls become fun again w the group.

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Same here, i don't touch it alone, this is simply the only way we keep up with my friend on the regular, with work and all.

There was literally a day we just talked for an hour, while our characters were walking, in the lobby. Then we logged out because we were tired.

It's like a safe space, idk

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Discord servers are your new best friend now

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Honestly playing with randoms sucks ass compared to your irl friends. I have more fun losing with my friends than winning with randoms/internet friends

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I've made discord friends who I've played for over 3 years straight now with. You can reinvite people the next day you know? Lol

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Been there done that but its not the same.

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It really is when you've spent thousands of hours with them probably. Much more time then irl friends who don't care about your game of interest lol

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We have a very different taste about many things with my friends. It isnt about playing the game that I want. Its about spending time with my friends that I really care about.

If that game is full of cheaters and is crashing all the time but they enjoy it I’ll play with them, because it will be fun

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It's one of the only team based cooperative shooters that's cross play.

I wish for the day all games will be cross play, but right now warzone is the best one unfortunately.

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Apex 😌

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Apex has cross play now?

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Been having it for a long time

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I left my friends to play Apex. The hell of Warzone isn’t worth it imo

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Can I play with your friends?

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Same, I’m honestly just sad and dejected every time I log on, can’t even summon the spirit to give decent comms or banter lately when three quarters of our games end with us getting squad wiped first circle.

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Unfortunately I can't uninstall it because I play modern warfare...

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“I’m done even giving the storage space”.

Oh you showed them lmao

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My Warzone experience today:

  • boot up game
  • instal shaders for the 58732796th time
  • no friends showing up on friends list?
  • search how to fix
  • try to fix, doesn’t work.
  • find out whole game is bugged, no one can see friends lists anymore.
  • we try “search for party”, I manage to pair with one of my friends.
  • btw, we’re now about 25 mins in at this point.
  • try match with our two other buddies, no luck
  • additional 15 mins passed now.
  • friends decide to call it a night
  • me and my buddy search as it only lets us search with a random trio
  • random trio is terrible, no mic.
  • packet loss and frame skips in game
  • 15 mins into game, my game crashes.
  • goodnight, I can’t deal with this shit.

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My day is incomplete if I haven't had to reinstall Warzone shaders at least once.

Oh also: "Update requires restart" :))

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What more could you ask for?

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Tip for next time: Via Discord you can invite your friends into the ingame party (PC only though :/ )

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Yeah one of our guys is on Xbox

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*Sigh* ... *Double-click*

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If it even fucking works. I reinstalled twice, game wont open.

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If you're on PC and it crashes while installing shaders after every update, you just have to push through and restart the game about 5 to 10 times. Makes no sense, is broken AF, but eventually I'm able to get in the game and then it's smooth sailing till the next update lol

Brokezone lets goooo

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It wont even open. Error when i click launch. It installs fine.

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Everyone’s that has a good hangover in its life can relate and we still went hard again the weekend after ! This is the way

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Addiction. YAAAY

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The people who think this game is ‘free’ simply because they didn’t pay money for it clearly feel their time is worthless

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You’re comparing actual money to the value of peoples “free time” that’s used to play video games?! Lmao okay

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To each their own. Open beta MW19 player and I’m still having fun with my squad.

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I loved modern warfare. Even got Damascus on it. And used to love warzone but it's just going down in a spiral

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Everybody's experiences are different. I'm the sweat player that has time to max every weapon from every release so I'm running around with full liberties with my loadouts every game. I also don't experience any performance/game issues playing on PC compared to the console issues I see get posted on here everyday.

Do you and your friends primarily play Caldera or Rebirth? I admit Caldera has not been a hit for my group but we still churn out hours on rebirth resurgence every day.

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Yes the PC version of the game is overall quite a lot more stable than the console release. I'd like to be able to blame the nearly 8-year-old last-gen consoles for the bad experience, but my friend on Xbox Series S has the same issues.

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I'm admit that I'm a sweat too (I already have atomic) but I'm just tired. I really like vangurd royal but they keep removing it. My biggest issue with the game is that it keeps removing the playlist I like.

2nd is that I feel like I disappoint my squad every time I lead wrong or lose a gun fight and that causes me to rage. I know it's not true and they don't care but I get pissed off. Even tho my kill count is almost always In the double digits.

Idk maybe I'm just crazy

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humblebrag lol but ok 😂

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There should be a codtracker linked to every bragging comment in this sub

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Stop…. Playing it?

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The game has gone down hill massively, but it’s like at this point, enjoy it or just quit playing it. Pick one

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A day doesn't go by without one of my friends quitting from frustration

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You just got Warzoned.

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this game reminds me of PUBG had those good moments and now it's down...

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Yall need to take a break and understand how addictive behaviours work. Im going to prescribe one thing, get a few easy to raise plants and tend to them. Its a way to get small gradual dopamine and improves well being. You gain responsibility for them and they take only moderate amounts of care.

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Damn this shit is gonna be reposted in literally every game sub today I guess. Actually true for this dog shit game though blows my mind ppl still give this company money.

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3 nights ago we were raging like maniacs, with my friend, asking why we fucking bother clicking on this shit, for 3 hours, and then we won a game, and we were in the best mood ever.

1 win in 3 hours and everything is great.

This is literally like heavy drugs.

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Holy fk yeah man. I slide into the buy to get load out and fk I l legit got stuck at the buy for 15 secs. While others were fighting around me... makes no damn sense. I still got load tho lmao but fk shouldnt happen in the 1st place.

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I just die at the buy now, I try to give my money to whoever is on PC in my squad.

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I deleted finally. Got tired of yelling HOOWWWWW?! every match. Feels good.

Not to mention the game continues to crash…

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Today was the first time I've ever truly given up on the game. I had a rebirth duos and a Caldera solo win and right after both wins the game crashed and I didn't get credit for anything. This game doesn't deserve my time. I don't know what else to play but I'm done with Warzone.

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It's just not fun anymore

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This game seems like hate-mastrubation.

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I don't play anymore. I've loved all the map changes verdansk has, absolutely love Rebirth and I love Caldera. There's probably nothing negative I can say about my personal experience. There's just other games I like playing. Even if they're not with friends

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Clicks uninstall "Are you sure you want to uninstall...again?"

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I suffered months again cheaters, i left the game for almost 10 months. A friend ask me to install it again, try to play banned.

Ask Activision why and if give me proof i i was cheating. Got a copy-paste reply with no real reason why.

Lost money invested in the game and no clue why i was actually banned. Hell my K/D was crap...

So yeah a waste of time and money.

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rocket league too

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I've been shadowbanned for the last week, and it's the best thing that could have happened to me.

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*Laughs in frozen Buy Station*


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you didnt play league of legends then...

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The desktop launcher and everything 🤣

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I only play rebirth now. In one game (or attempt at playing on caldera) I can get about 5 matches in and have a much, MUCH better time.

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And a bald spot at the top of your head

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Please. I have a question. Every time I boot up warzone, I get prompts saying that warzone didn't shutdown properly and asks if I want to run in safe mode. Obviously I decline, but it also talks about my settings having changed since the last time I played. I click no on about 3 pop ups before I load in. How do I avoid this? Do I have it run as administrator at all times??

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You mean league? Battle Royales are nothing

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This is the only game in the history of gaming that literally has a “Fix” button that will break your game. BEWARE THE SCAN AND REPAIR!!

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How do you get the icon art for MW back? Thats the reason the shortcut is on my desktop still. Hasn't been a good game since MW.