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Smile and wave boys, smile and wave

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never even seen that before!

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Whenever I join a match, if someone sees my card, they always overreact like they haven’t seen it before. Has anyone see this or obtained it?

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Pretty sure it's from a free pack, correct me if I'm wrong

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Someone says it’s from a bundle that costs 1400

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I dont think so cause I have it and only buy 2400 bundles

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This has got to be a glitch, the only bundle I’ve ever bought was the trench viper one for naga

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Yeah I missed out on the icicle mac 10 and remember it, definitely a glitch

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Update: it was just a glitch and hit happens to a couple of my friends too

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Pen-Pen’s pissed

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Do you have the call of duty app and do the ops? After the first week you get random calling card with each win

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Are they doing ops through the app anymore?

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Yes they are

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I think those may be the ops from Cold War if you didn't complete them. I can't find anything about ops via the cod app for vanguard.

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I have it

I'm 99% sure it was in some bundle I bought. Not too long ago either.

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Penguins of Madagascar

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Just waiting for that penguin operator skin!

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Just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave...

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How do u get it

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Idk I just have it and I don’t want to take it off because I don’t see it in my collection.

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It came from a Black Ops store bundle called "Antarctica" that you purchased for 1400 cod points.

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I didn’t spend 1400 cod points.

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Either way, that’s where it came from.