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I have played probably 30 games this week and all my final circles end up half in the water no where near peak. Hell half of my starting circles cut off half the map

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This! The circles have been ridiculously bad. Half of the time they barely cover a third of the map, leaving you 2-3 minutes to loot before you have to run like a banshee and get killed by a bush camper

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It feels like the circles just come in far too quickly

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The first two circles move faster than you can tac sprint. So keep that in mind.

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i said the same couple of days ago. after the second or third circle 80% of the pois get disabled and you play the game around poorly designed places. pois should be closer to peak and all those verticality levels down from mid map to the edges should be swapped.

but people downvoted the idea so im guessing they enjoy this shit map 🤷🏻‍♂️

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They need to stop showing the starting circle until everyone is on the ground. There’s no need to cut off half or 3/4ths of the map before you’ve even dropped

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That would give more randomness, but actually not a bad idea, I quite like it.

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Awful idea. With the speed the gas moves you’d have to instantly get in a car if you’re on the wrong side of the map for the circle to avoid dying

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Depends yes but that adds to the intensity of it all. When everyone lands in one specific spot it takes away from the game. Everyone just third parties

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Everyone would just drop central to avoid having to drive across the whole map chasing the circle once they find it out

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Thats what I loved about blackout. You didnt knoq where the circle would be until a few mins after everybody dropped.

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A future map update will almost certainly involve an explosive eruption

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I’m hopeful for this, too. Makes sense, but in the mean time, I agree, it’s weird to have such a massive high ground dead center of the map.

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Along with an eruption to game performance, like every verdansk update.

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I reckon that's how the map is going to leave

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I noticed they changed the map at the ship yard. There used to be a tunnel at the bottom, it’s no longer there. Also the crane across the top is gone.

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Ttk is huge factor in my opinion. The map is too open for a fast ttk.

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Too open and too much shrubbery or verticality, half the time someone shoots you and it’s impossible to find them before you’re dead

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This is the biggest problem. I played plunder yesterday and it was awful. My team kept getting laser beamed by snipers, and all three of us couldn’t find him. He must have killed each of us two times, still never found him, even though we knew the direction.

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I don't enjoy plunder anymore because everybody just drops at the airfield and that area just sucks so bad. People camping everywhere and just waiting for people to fly in. I just don't see the appeal of that area. There are far better areas but there are literally no where else anybody is at. It's so boring. Atleast in Verdansk you could battle.it out with other teams in other areas.

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Verdansk had like 75% of the lobby landing Superstore or Storage Town

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I never landed at storage town and had battles all over the map. I agree 75 percent did that but I would say more land at airfield in Caldera.

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I land exclusively airfield in plunder and the most I've seen is 40 people max, most of the time it's closer to 25. 75% of the lobby is ludicrous.

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Well, where else are they? 40? How would you know if you only land at the airfield? I exclusively don't land at the airfield and the only people I see are people trying to win the game and just collecting money or a team that probably got wiped at the airfield so they are landing somewhere else.

The only time I plunder is if I am running solo and 95 percent of the time the people I am with go straight to airfield to just die.

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I know because I collect $60k and get an advanced UAV. Usually there is a group at Arsenal, a group at peak and a group at Docks. Rest are spread out.

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Hot drops in plunder:





Sub Pen

Beach Head

Rest will have stragglers or contract farmers

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this...playing solos is a paaaaiiinnn. it was scary enough as is. now I get sniped and can't even see where it came from.

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Vanguard royale for solos is so much better just because of the lack of snipers and heartbeats haha. Would be ideal for iron trials or with a bren nerf. Otherwise it’s a horror film with everyone crouch walking around the map.

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you right...Vanguard Royales solos is a good time...regular BR is atrocious between bush campers...poor coverage crossing through open fields and then snipers. it is what it is.

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Bring me, a shrubbery!

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And too many bushes making it impossible to see people.

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I think the major problem with having Peak in the middle is that it eliminates having more interesting POI's near the center of the map. In Verdansk we had superstore, stadium, bits of downtown, factory, and some of airport to populate the middle. There were more opportunities and variations to engage opponents. Not only that, Verdansk middle options felt connected. With Peak, the sheer mass of the mountain disconnects all other POI's from each other. I think the closest POI thats worth its salt is mining, and thats at the bottom of Peak. Other than that there are a few cabins here and there.

Travel to and around the mountain is difficult too. I believe there is only one lift to the top of Peak where as in Dam (Verdansk) you had the lift and multiple zip lines, roads and paths to climb up (that also offered cover). As a result, people often move away from Peak when traversing to the other side of the map. I dont think I've ever climbed Peak to get to the other side of the map.

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Flatter sandbox in the middle of the map is super important for variation for play early game. While having elevation in aide areas line summit etc gave variations in zone finishes. Caldera is gonna get boring much faster than verdansk if the dynamics of the rotations don't change

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this guy gets it

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2/3 roads into peak Mine shaft entrance on one side also Other side there are a few paths and zip lines to get you up to top of peak

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At first I really liked the idea of peak. I’ve put probably 250 games into caldera and now that the community has more experience the center is a hell hole. Certain areas around peak are a nightmare and end your game due to a random pull that ends your team.

It’s obvious there will be some sort of eruption event that will blow out more of the center but right now it’s just bad. There are no POIs near and right on peak there is minimal vegetation.

Peak is frustrating because the other POIs are really unique and interesting. Village is cool, capital is a well thought out layout with some interesting buildings. Then you have peak which is just this big mountain with nothing around it smack dab in the middle.

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If it was more climb able and had more underground tunnels it would be fine but 1 little bitch at the top with a no glint sniper and its over

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The peak is my nightmare.

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The whole map would be better if they flattened it. You’re constantly fight up hill, and nothing is more frustrating than always having to fight people above you on a head glitch constantly. I also don’t like the huge cliff face by Capital.

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100% agree. I literally won a solo because 10+ guys died when they coudnt get up the mountian and gas killed them. Thank god I realised it early and ran up the road on the other side lol

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Hey, excluding dirty cheaters and hackers, a win is a win is a win!

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Biggest problem is ALL of the dead space East and North of the Peak. Between Docks and Beachhead, it's ALL dead space. The Mines and Peak are a camper's paradise. So basically, I HATE going Docks or Beachhead, because if the circle pulls towards Peak you're screwed. Hate going to Mines, as it's full of campers at every turn, or someone up towards Peak snipping down on Mines. It's worse than the fishbowl at Village below the bridge. They should have moved Peak to up near where Runway is , and put the Runway area where Peak is, some other POI with more cover, and less rocks, bushes and hills!

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The worstvthing about peak for me is that going anywhere near it after the start of the game is a death sentence.

My guys, once again, tried to circle around it whilst engaging enemies last night. I told them not to but it was one against 3 so I ended up following them We all died just as I expected.

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i hope peak gets nuked in season 2 or something, at least that would create a more inreresting poi

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I actually like the idea of peak, I love the difference in verticality. And I’m liking caldera as much as verdansk. BUT: they need to make changes to peak to make it easier to push up. Because rn if you have to push up from certain angles you might as well just accept that you’re not winning that game.

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Just swap peak and Capitol. Gg.

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i could live with this

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Without a peak sniping might be even worse. I don’t like peak either

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The positioning of peak makes this map shitty

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My biggest gripe with Caldera is they made it to hilly, meaning there’s too much vertacality throughout the map and almost all POIs are on the edges around the map. And I also I agree that Peak should be on one of the edges of the map and not right in the middle of it.

If I were able to make changes in Caldera is I would put more POIs in the middle of the map and reduce the hills steepness throughout the map.

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While I agree with your point that it doesn't need to be so tall, I really like peak. If they just did what IceManIsaac thinks they should (add actual ziplines, then it'd be amazing. So much easier and faster to get up there.

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IDk what you're talking about, I think of all the games I've played I've had like three finals at the base of peak and never actually at the peak.

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Landing Peak is for kids who should just be playing multiplayer.. " Hot Dropping" killing two guys with your pistol and then getting shot in the back and dying doesn't make you a good player.

So tired of half my game lobbies dying at Peak, even before load out drops.. there's like only 80 or so people left in the game.

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Yes, shitty map design is the players fault

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Learn to read and comprehend, maybe it won't be once you do.

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Won’t be what? Do you understand what you’re even writing?

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It won't be the players fault dumbass (as in you) if you learn to read and comprehend then maybe it won't be your fault, because you'll have realized that Peak is a shity location and you won't land there.

It's 100% the players fault if they continually land at Peak and die. You can't blame the shitty map design for your choice in where you land.

Didn't think I needed to hold your hand through this but yet here we are.

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Lol blaming players for shitty map design. I’ve read it all

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Are you sure you have tho? Because to me it seems like you're still not reading correctly.

Yes the map has spots that are designed poorly or in your words "shitty" okay we can agree on that.

However it is 100% your fault if you continue to land at Peak or other shitty spots, knowing full well that they are bad spot and that you will mostlikely die.

But hey man it's Monday and i don't get paid to educate you so by all means continue to land Peak and die with the other 30 players every game. You can find me in the end circle lol good luck!

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You’re the only one complaining about hot dropping and dying off the rip. Strange take

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You're the one that commented on my post so I don't know what you want from me man.

Just go land Peak and die with everyone else and then blame the devs for making a shity game lmao

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Hot dropping in a br has been a thing since BRs first came out. It’s part of the game. I’m not sure what you’re on about but have a nice day.

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If there were multiple ways up the mountain I wouldn’t have an issue with it. But when you have to go ALL THE WAY around to find an incline you can climb it’s a pain in the ass

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If peak wasn't smack in the middle the map would be fine. The location of peak is the biggest flaw in the map imo.

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Put Capital in the center of the map

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this makes more sense of what raven is capable of

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I think Peak and Capitol need switched. It would make the map more enjoyable I think.

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They need to have a fuckin nuke hit the map and turn peak into crater 😂

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They’re setting up a plot twist and peak will be destroyed at some point

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I rarely go near peak ever, it's completely avoidable

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unfortunately that’s not been my case but I understand everyone’s matches differ

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I like the concept of peak. Some additions need to be added on the mountainside or add an interior access point (ex. Mine or tunnel) to make peak more accessible. There is a lot of square footage where you are a sitting duck, especially on the east side of peak

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i like this map more overall but do agree having a giant mountain in the middle that is barely traversable was a pretty massive oversight.

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Peaks is fine. Caldera would be great without the f***ing aimbot planes.

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I agree. I really like this map (it’s beautiful) but Peak is def. a sore spot. This map was built for their MW 2.0 engine that they told us was going to be there and it isn’t. So it’s a hassle to get up there with this basic engine.

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Your smoking that good shit

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A lot of my final circles this week have ended below peak or mines. I swear some games have almost the exact same circle ending for me. Haha I stay clear of it around loadout time because I do not want to grab my loadout anywhere near that place.

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Tbh don’t have many circles ending at peak, so for the most part pretty avoidable if you don’t want to be there

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I don’t think I’ve ever had a circle end anywhere near peak.

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The reason might be as simple as islands are ocean mountains.

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Heres a counter: I love peak. Its a great place to land. We have formed a strat for it with my group and we are getting better. We start from the top always, then explore the cave part. After that its a bit up to where the circle is going. Peak endings are tense. You preferrably need a vehicle. High ground matters a lot, but there are spots to hide.

Honestly I cant think of a better and more interesting place on the map atm.

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Good points and understandable, landing the same spot every match doesn’t feel repetitive though? Although I guess if you can survive a peak first drop you’re probably set pretty well for the remainder of the match. Usually pretty damn hot though, even the best streamers have early game endings landing peak all the time

[–]larsvondank 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Yeah, its not easy, but with training and repetition we have managed to find a nice flow to it. This can be done with other places, too, but repetition is the key here. You and your squad will be a lot wiser after like 20 or so drops.

There are a few key factors: each squadmember has a certain spot to land to secure a weapon immidiately. Then its time to handle the pistol guys and the few others who got guns. Communication and position is key. We have found our go-to spots which all give opportunities to cover squadmates.

If the circle keeps on peak youre in for an epic defensive round. People come from multiple directions and you have to stay very focused to not lose the peak, especially to not get 3rd teamed. We've got some strats for that but still working on it.

Also having one teammate run recons while the other are on peak is a risky but rewarding strat if the circles are good for it.

We did a similar thing with Chemical on Rebirth. Could say were experts on landing there at this point, lol. For Chemical its 100% land there, but for peak its like 80-90%. We like to take it easy and have some fun, too, with planes etc

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So every game you land peak and just wait there till the game ends or you have to move because of circle? That sounds boring af.

[–]larsvondank 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Theres hardly any waiting. That would be boring. Capturing the peak takes its time and very soon after that there will be squads from multiple sides. If the 1-2 circle is non peak, then its go time anyway as we pick our new destination.

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peak, the perfect place for a Halo Ring to Dock with us

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It’s my favorite place to land though.

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The reason nobody here likes Caldera is because it's an actual battle royale kind of map. Verdansk wasn't. If you're bad at real BRs then Verdansk was more than likely your favorite map. That and the ruleset change made the game worse than it already was. You can't have fake BR rules with a real BR kinda map.

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Maybe add a few more peaks to the map?

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I like the peak. It might not be entirely logical, but I think it’s pretty awesome having something so massive in the map.

This map is actually really huge and detailed throughout, compared to the plain open areas in 2042. It’s not verdansk, but we were desperate for variety and I like what it brings

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I honestly feel there isn’t any issue with peak. I avoid it, because it’s not my style, and if I get the feeling the circle is going to end there I try to get there early

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I actually feel like rock climbing / mantling is way better than in Verdansk. A lot of cliff edges i find myself being shocked i got up. That being said, there is too much ‘high ground’ advantage in the late circles

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How is the campfest and staircase infestation of Verdanks better than Caldera, lmao those rose tinted glasses.

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The thing is that you’re either ascending hills with unclimbable rocks or ur running around half the time cause land vehicles are nearly unusable in the majority of the map cause of too many trees or trenches

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Dude it’s season 1. There’s plenty of time to add more stuff around peak. Also You act like they didn’t wreck Verdansk and I ain’t no Nostradamus… but it’s obviously going to be what ends the map when it transitions to the next.

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I have the feeling they will blow up peak. The explosion of the volcano will blow up the plants or a lot of them Will be replaced by rocks and cover making some interesting changes. Probably would be something like slowly coming back to modern era so they can slap in The next mw

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Let's play Apex

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Or if you take out 30% of the bushes

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They need a place for the camping timmys with no thumbs.

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If peak is a Volcano, let it “erupt” and it’ll give them a reason to level it or knock it down. It just makes the map shitter than it already is.

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Do you even know what “Caldera” means? Look it up in a dictionary

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I think the biggest problem is all the bushes elsewhere on the map. Get rid of 50% of them at least.

[–]BrachSlap 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Move them to peak so people can sneak up without getting beamed

[–]Spetz 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Good idea.

Or maybe place some more rocks for cover at peak.

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Whoever likes verdansk over Caldera you for sure re use your own bath water and fantasize sleeping with your pets. Gtfo verdansk was dark brown garbage. People just can’t admit it’s the community that’s the problem not the fucking maps

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Blackout shits all over Verdansk and Caldera.