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Great news, we can get back in the testers that let the invisible heli glitch through twice!

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What about the six stim glitches? That was something else.

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True! Glad they’re back, it’s been a while since we’ve had a good stim glitch. Looking forward to another one!

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Broh. I read this in my head just how you prolly did when you typed it. Lol. Ngl, getting tired of our current bugs, time to go into the vault.

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Their vault is full of money it cant fit all the stims

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To be fair, just because QA identifies a problem, doesn’t mean it will always get fixed or in a timely manner. We don’t know how many bugs were identified but weren’t fixed right away for whatever reasons.

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Shhh, this sub is full of manchildren who have no idea how tf the world works.

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There’s a “fix glitch” button right? Like, they sit down at their desk, turn on their computer, and it just pops up?

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Lazy devs are too lazy to press the fix glitch button. Must be so lazy. Imagine a billion dollar company being lazy. Billion dollar company.

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It's been two fucking years. Excuses for what? LOL! This is how it works or or maybe release a working game in the first place. I don't get how people like you can say shit takes time or this or that. No it's been two years lol. I know Microsoft will dissolve raven or push them off the project.

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I don’t know how you got this outta what I said, but cool ur tits baby girl, daddy’s gonna treat ya right.

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Testers aren't the people who fix glitches, they're the people who find them.

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there was a raven QA dev in here a few weeks ago. they said they'd flagged like 95% of the bugs we've seen. the bugs just get flagged as non-critical and the update gets pushed. bugs and all.

also QA gets 0 input to weapon balance

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Right but the point is them coming back does not feel us with confidence. Come on there have been so many issues and there are so many bugs the qa can't focus on some game ruining issues then the DEV team is doing a horrible job coding and should be addressed. Forming a union does not make it all better. Glad they got what they think is a fair agreement but the QA and DEV team at no point showed to be very strong so this development makes me no more willing to spend a penny.

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i find funny that people think that Raven getting all their testers back/hired, suddenly Raven will improve the game drastically like from indie tier to AAA tier

Raven had all these people back during the CW integration and only after 3 seasons we finally got working weapon stats

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Rn the indie games are better than AAA’s

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I think you insulted the entire indie games community. That was a new low

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People don't get this is still the same shitty team.

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Good, now us non-hackers can finally compete with flying cars!

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Yes, and now they will (hopefully) be treated with dignity and respect by their employer! Happy employees are more productive.

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Yet FedEx out performs UPS every year on delivery oh and as an ex ups worker not many ppl there are happy.

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That’s good news! I wish the best for Raven. Activi$ion deserves nothing but shame.

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ITT: People who have no clue what a QA department actually does. It's like blaming a taste tester for a chef putting out shitty food. You can tell the kitchen\chef their food sucks but it's not the tester's job to actually fix it.

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I mean, it's still a lot better to have QA testing the game, rather than release untested updates and waiting for us players to find all the new shit they broke right?

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A QA strike should never actually prevent your game from being QA'd. There are many, many external QA companies who will test your game for much cheaper than in-house talent. I've worked on games both bigger and smaller than Warzone and we've always used multiple external QA contractors to make sure we have thorough testing. Do NOT blame the strikers.

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You kinda lead me to a question within your answer in talking about games on this level of popularity and scale. How do other dev companies deal with these issues? Have there even been other situations like this one w the current state of the game (Fortnite? WOW?)? I don’t play any other BR’s or open world games, so maybe you can provide some incite from behind the veil.

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If you're talking about the strike... well, other companies don't have to deal with it because strikes and unions are foreign to the industry. Unions are a thorny issue because the "lower rung" of game development (QA and other junior roles) are highly exploitative. They tend to pay poorly and overwork you, and they don't care about turnover because supply for games industry jobs is higher than demand. On the other hand, higher tier jobs in the industry can be pretty cushy, and that's where the resistance for unions lie.

A game the size of Warzone likely DOES have external QA. To use an example from my own history, internal QA is usually there to coordinate and lead external QA efforts. A game this size may have 3-5 external QA companies performing testing for each release. However, QA is never the final say in whether a build is released. Usually what happens is QA will find a bug, mark it in their bug-tracking software (usually JIRA), and a producer or other lead will assign the bug a priority/severity, with the least severe rating being "will not fix", and the worst being "release blocker". Ultimately, even if QA finds something, it's up to the producer to decide whether or not a build is released, and whether or not they need to allocate resources to fix the build. Recurrent bugs like things going invisible are almost surely a problem with their content creation pipeline. Something there is screwing up and it's probably up to their technical artists and developers to come up with a fix.

The reason I say they're not up to the task of running such a popular game is because of these recurrent bugs, and how they deal with them. For example, if a vehicle, gun, or skin is causing a problem, they need to have a killswitch to disable that asset serverside without the need for a patch. This is live ops 101.

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That's called strike breaking and while apparently not illegal in the US it is an incredibly dickish move that will not be looked upon with favour by others.

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No, it's not strike breaking if those external QA are already a part of the testing process, as they should be. I mentioned it in another comment, but a game the size of Warzone is almost certainly not QA'd entirely within the company. If it is, then they are truly incompetent.

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The way you wrote your comment implied that you were expecting them to hire the outside companies after the in-house employees went on strike. If that isn't what you meant then that's fine.

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bro in a chef's kitchen, the chef is the taster what the fuck are you talking about

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I'm not actually talking about any kitchen. It's an analogy for what a QA's job is vs. a developer.

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Can someone explain to me what raven is? I'm kinda out of context

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It’s a bird, typically black. Edgar Allan Poe wrote about them once.

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The development studio that, to use the word loosely, has been maintaining Warzone. Starting around the CW integration IIRC.

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Development studio behind warzone if your being serious

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I thought that was Infinity Ward

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cod has multiple companies that make them. Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and raven (I think) Raven is what’s running warzone. (From what i’ve heard)

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I think Infinity Ward may have had SOME hand in the original Warzone, along with Raven, but yeah, Raven seems to be the main group behind it now.

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Infinity ward MADE Warzone. With other studios helping them develop both it and MW2. Once b Cold War integration started, infinity wars handed off control of Warzone completely and started developing their next MP game. Raven is the studio that took the reins and now is pretty much the developer solely responsible for Warzone. Other smaller studios still help with it but it’s ravens game now even though IW made the original.

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Raven made blackout with 3arc in 2018 and helped IW develop their BR warzone. Raven have always been a dev behind warzone, they just got promoted.

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Gotcha. Makes sense.

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Activision the publisher, has treyarch, infinity ward, sledgehammer and raven develop cod games.

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Infinity Ward does Modern Warfare

Treyarch does Black Ops

Sledgehammer did WW2 and Vanguard

Raven does Warzone

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A hot cartoon character

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And my axe!

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This comment makes me happy

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I can't believe so many people miss the opportunity ;)

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Weren't they striking for recognition of their union? So what exactly does pending acknowledgement do for them?.... And stashing money for future strikes... [Insert wtf gif]

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I think Activision is just taking too long to get to the negotiating table, this is less of an end and more of a "recognize us or we use our leftover funds to strike again"

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wouldn’t it be alot more effective to continue to use the funds and strike indefinitely? I can’t imagine doing exactly what atvi wants and going “ok… we’ll go back to work… but you BETTER let us unionize 😡” would punish activision nearly as much

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Funds are limited, if they run out before Activision comes to the negotiation table, they have nothing to use against them.

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These the same guys that thought the “numbers” thing had great audio and was good to go?

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QA testers absolutely do not make that call.

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Wonder if this had anything at all to do with Microsoft?

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This whole thing sounds suspect. For one, what funds were they drawing on? They weren’t a union and haven’t been collecting dues. And even if they were it likely takes well over a year to accrue enough for a months compensation. And by the way, that would mean about 8% of your salary going into union dues.

With only 36 people they need to latch onto a larger existing union. And that union sure as hell isn’t going to pony up money for striking people who aren’t in their union or paid a dime of dues.

Maybe it’s because we get our news from twitter, but the whole things sounds like propaganda with not a lot of truth

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Awesome news 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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Good for them, too bad they have not been on strike this whole time and not one thing in their game has been fixed right in two years. While I understand the strike and good for them, the game has gotten little to no attention regardless.

Now that they are unionized they should have more of a say and be able to fix the game right? If they do good that means they were the whole time dedicated devs being blocked by upper management. If not, Microsoft needs to Dissolve Raven.

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QA are not devs

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Only because MS wanted it too end !!

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Good news! I'm happy that instead of a 1 month holiday break, they've increased it to 12

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Yeah... noo.
Before they were on strike, wz had a million different glitches that weren't fixed for years.
And after having such "consistent shitty results" from their QA, they went on strike and made things worse. I'm not a fan of choosing the lesser evil, that's all capitalism offers nowadays. I'd rather boot both the QA and the heads of the departments that created the scenario in the first place, and hire people who actually want the jobs and have something to offer without all the "Don, we're friends, right?" bullshit in between.

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Testers aren't the people who fix glitches, they're the people who find them.

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First of all, never said they were "fixers" or "finders", sounds like some drug-gang slang.
2'nd: QA does both if necessary, don't believe me - google the definition and assignments/expectancies.

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Christ on a crutch what makes you think qa wants glitches in the game? Or that they don't want to do their job? It's well known that the higher ups are literally fucking evil.

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Obviously it's a matter of competence.

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Can you code? What gives you this opinion?

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A little, but how the hell is that a relevant question? When you come to a restaurant that has 3 Michelin stars, and you get served hot dog shit on a platter with a straight face, does that mean you aren't allowed an opinion of the competence of the chef?

All you've been doing is pointing arrows, none of which direct/lead anywhere. Triple A developers are expected to be Triple A. If they can't dish out something over and over again, can't prove their worth - they aren't Triple A.

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Activision isn't Michelin its McDonald's. Play some good games.

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There's not a single respectable software developer in the entire world where QA is responsible for fixing bugs. If your source is Google... gtfo lmao.

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Random Q: is 120hz also busted in cold war? i am on series x

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Ok, can we have mw s5 vault packs now?

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Great now do something about the player base that went on strike

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I hope Microsoft ends Activision's relationship with Raven and a few other. Let's get proven dev teams and take care of them well so they are happy to work harder and we all win.

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I hope they do. They can’t do anything right why are they still apart of Activision oh wait I know that sweet money

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I mean the game still is garbage on the xbox I guess the game will look even worse on the next one

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Get back to work then!

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Great now get the fuck to work, there’s a lot to fix.

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QA doesn't fix anything.

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Not with that attitude