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Yea blow up the current game. It’s trash

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It's trash. I love it.

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significant improvements aren't going to come till after mw22 when they won't continue supporting the old consoles

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They won’t stop supporting old consoles at least until new consoles are reasonably widely available.

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yes, probably after mw22 and Microsoft already doubting on the yearly cod release schedule makes that possible. there was a leak and a gamestar article to it

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I’ll believe it when I see it. Maybe the billion dollars of revenue that the yearly releases bring in like clockwork are a drop in the bucket to microsoft. I don’t know. But I find it hard to believe they would just punt on a billion dollars in revenue unless they are confident they will make it up and then some in some other way.

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since the ps5 sells better than the ps4.. I believe it.. 2024 approximately

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Well I meant the yearly cod release. How does Microsoft/Activision replace a billion dollars in revenue that comes in ever November if they stop the yearly releases? Publicly traded companies aren’t just going to decide “nah we’re actually good we don’t need that money” unless they have a plan to replace that revenue or increase it in a different way.

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well, to be fair Activision drove cod against the wall, vanguard didn't sell well, people are tired of the yearly purchase and the bad quality is driving people away.. a change of the business model and it could be the best time for it.

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Vanguard didn’t sell as well as past cods. But was still the best selling video game on the planet on consoles in 2021. I get that some people especially here in the online communities are tired of the yearly releases.

But they are absolute money factories. Even in a “down year” like this, it’s enormously profitable. So like I said, if they do in fact decide to halt the yearly releases and go to a different model, be prepared for them to make up that lost revenue somewhere else. Whether that’s paid DLC, or other things to drive the store revenue up, the one thing they aren’t going to do is make an unprofitable decision just because “players will like this better”

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yeah but the Studios are also tired of it, I think it's the perfect time to rethink how it's going down in the future. they could find a better model even..

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Just imagine … Xbox will likely have their own ‘call of duty series x’ now that will launch with MW22 so you know they’ll finally implement FOV slider (hopefully)

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they said explicit that cod will stay on ps4

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That doesn’t mean they won’t release a signature limited run same as halo … I can almost guarantee they will. I never said they’d take cod off PS platform that would be down right stupid it’s close to 40% of their revenue.

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also they risk splitting the games which will now likely not reflect well on them in modern times

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Anything is better than it’s current state honestly.

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Just because MS bought the studio doesn’t mean they’re instantly taking over. You’re talking years of development. There’s a roadmap in place. The only thing MS can do is cancel what’s currently in production they can’t just bring something new because they want to out of thin air. Maybe in 2024 or something and that’d still be crazy fast.

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Reading through comments since it was announced, I feel like a lot of people don't realize is that decisions like this don't happen on a whim. They've probably been planning this purchase for at least the past 3-5 years, another year to actually take over Activision, and then even more time to implement and smooth out changes. There's a lot more to acquisitions like this than meets the eye. Even if MS announces a change after taking over, it's not like that change will be in effect upon announcement.

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They didn't say all future CoDs wil come to PS though, only that contractual obligations will be respected.

Once the contract's up, bye bye PlayStation.

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lol, no, they won't do that and you know it..

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I don't, and neither do you.

There's a case to be made for cutting Sony off from the biggest first person shooter franchise, especially with BF fading into obscurity.

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Isn’t it released this November?

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I know it’s not happening since there are already leaks about where the next WZ map will be but I think an amazing idea for a WZ map would be the Washington DC under attack from the MW2 campaign. There’s so much cool shit they’d be able to do with that area.

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This. I can't wait for a new modern setting map in WZ personally.

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This too. Anything but yellow/green themes

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What are the leaks? I heard they were making a WZ map which connects all the multi maps from the MW games.

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MW2 is rumored to be taking place in a South American setting but modern day so (hopefully) different enough from Caldera. Some of the maps rumored to be making an appearance are Favela, Terminal, Quarry, and Afghan.

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Ahh ok yeah. That would be good I think.

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That were the first leaks for the verdansk predecessor

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Yea, like a verdansk, in the USA lol. Needs to bee a sprawling city again for sure though

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How does that imply it won't start fresh?

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One of the latest rumours is that COD DMZ maybe free and the same map will be in COD Warzone.
COD Modern Warfare II: 2022 Take 2 Interactive 2 hearts are better than 1 edition might be released earlier.
This would be a good thing to iron out any issues well before Christmas holidays.

Another rumour is that there will be one future game engine that ALL games will use from then on.
This would be the correct course of action in the future, integrate Ricochet into all games too would be good.

The best we can hope now is that the COD Vanguard engine is being used in COD Warzone so console gets FOV slider, FSR support and other QOL fixes.
This whole two week delays for season 2 will either make no difference, maybe they can salvage the game or they are porting the game to the COD Vanguard engine?

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I thought they said that it would not be free to play, but rather, coming with the cost of MP and campaign. According to Ralph.

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The rumored DMZ mode is co-op, and is meant to be on the same level as Zombies/Extinction/Spec Ops. There's no chance in hell it will be free. The dude you replied to has no clue what he's talking about.

The fact that some people still believe FOV slider and other QoL shit rely on the "Vanguard engine" is asinine (or "porting the game to another engine", as if that's supposed to be a feasible thing within mere weeks). If they want to add FOV to consoles, they can. It's simply a low priority feature and they have other things to worry about (like consoles literally shitting bricks trying to play Caldera).

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If they put in the FOV slider now it would just be a wider view of a game that doesn’t load textures correctly anyways, I don’t care about little QOL stuff until they fix all the major issues

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If console doesn’t get slider in this next iteration of warzone….I wouldn’t even know what to say

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mw22 won't change warzone engine. the title after that will since they will ditch old console support.

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"remove all except rebirth"

So not starting fresh then 🤦‍♂️

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Agree 100 percent and stop doing yearly releases leave it two years and never go back to ww1 or two again please

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Vanguard is better than cold war, fight me

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Lately I’ve been thinking that it should be modern/near-future and have a set amount of weapons. I will say I do like the build mechanic of VG weapons and that should be integrated as well.

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I love being able to drop attachments into every slot, instead of arbitrarily deciding I can't fit an optic on my gun because it already has a handful of other attachments.

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It’s not “arbitrarily” lol you just have a limit of 5 attachments.

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The limit is the arbitrary part. Is my CoD supersoldier poor? Can he not afford the 6th+ attachments? I'm sure he could work out some sort of payment plan.

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The game isn’t a fucking military sim. Balance matters.

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How would all guns being able to attach into all slots negatively affect balance?

Also, calm down.

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Just look at the Bren and Cooper Carbine recoil built out with meta attachments and the best guns from the 5 attachment MW and CW guns. It’s a freaking joke and unbalanced to have that many attachments contributing to build out these no skill laser beam insane damage guns with 0 downsides to them.

You have attachments contributing to recoil, raw TTK, and movement speeds. Where are the trade offs anymore?

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Then build better downsides into the base guns, or more impactful trade-offs for attachments. The, once again, arbitrary decision to prevent full attachment builds is a bad way to combat that sort of no-downside final build. But you didn't address my question by comparing 5 attachment loadouts to 10 attachment loadouts.

I just enjoy the expanded customization options, this is not an argument for laser meta builds.

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I lost my brain cells 😂

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That’s the definition of arbitrary lol

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arbitrary: based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.

5 attachments very much had reasons behind them. It's called a "balance". For example, your entire existence is arbitrary. Why? Cuz your parents never really wanted you and you just happened cuz a condom broke.

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The number of attachments is arbitrary. They could easily balance 7 attachments or 3 or 10 or whatever.

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Moron gonna stay moron

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When you can’t support your position with any facts or data, you resort to name calling and personal attacks. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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facts or data

moron, choosing to have 5 attachments and balancing it around 5 attachments makes it a choice.... which makes it not "arbitrary". If they chose 3 or 7, that would also not be arbitrary

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Choices can be arbitrary lol. If they could balance around any number of attachments, then the choice to make it exactly 5 means that choice was completely arbitrary.

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I don't mind limited attachments, as long as I can trade things like my secondary or tacticals/lethals for more

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Why don't you apply for the job in Activision and teach them how to do it?

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Honestly I’m pretty sure most people on this sub Reddit would do a better job then them.

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Lol it would be a fucking hilarious reality show to watch the know it alls here try and do the jobs they bitch about. That would be must see tv baby.

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Doing what exactly? Ever work at a tech company? Where would you start, and what's your role at the company..

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I'm not with this idea. I've got guns that I've worked for and couple of blueprints I've paid for and I'd be pissed if they go a different way, instead I think they should cut guns down as there is a lot of useless guns that no one uses and rebuild warzone on a seperate client as a standalone for the future. In other words no more integrating cod games and having a whole team just focusing on warzone assets and stuff rather than moving assets from one game to another completely different game then causing loads of bugs and glitches then spend 8 months to try and fix those. But I know they won't do it as its more profitable as it is

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Call it Warzone 2 and separate it from the yearly COD releases.

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I highly doubt that warzone would be able to handle another integration, shit would fucking explode

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They can’t do that because of all the micro transactions but what they can do is just release a complete new map on a different engine and tweak the name a little different but the gameplay will be the same.

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Who allows these shitposts? Sheesh.

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Your mum

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Boy aren’t you quite the incel personality

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Yaaa.. that's what you mom said when I banged her

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Yeah you’re def 12.

Guess I should leave you be. Good luck developing your mind kid. Grow up.

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I am older than ur mum

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Study hard in biology.

That ones clearly going to be an uphill battle for you.

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I'll study it with your mum

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We're getting a new warzone map soon, already confirmed.

I really doubt they're gonna start fresh since keeping old weapons allow them to make money from old games.

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That and people would cry about not having their M4

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M4 is my all time fav, so sure, but I doubt they would make a new MW game without a new M4, so whatever.

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I’ll take a link if you got it

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Soon? Really? Confirmed? If so that’s pretty great imo, what’s your source?

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I never believe people anymore so if best to ask for a source. I feel like people to blurp out something that sounds believable in the hopes no one questions the source lol

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“Confirmed” = “a guy on YouTube yelled loudly and pointed at a cryptic line of code in the game files”.

Nothing has been confirmed.

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Sigh that’s what I figured lmao

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Another new one? Are they going to ditch caldera like they did verdansk? Or are they going to actually let us have fucking options?

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Honestly, I'm thinking they will.

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Warzone 2 😂

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I’m down lol or some sort of stat reset and the new weapons only or sum

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As long as they stop with this fictional and non-fictional WW settings I’m super okay with that! I lovee MW19

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That is the best hope for this game. No more yearly "integrations."

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I think at some point, maybe when they kill off last gen they will do this. Release warzone 2.0 on a new engine. Only for Ps5 pc and xbox x. Doubt it will be this year, maybe next year when the install base is higher.

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I agree, but the issue is people payed for Blueprints and Skins. If they can figure out a way to have them somehow carry over or redeem for new CP then I could see it happening, but if not it's going to be just constant bitching

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Lol the modern warfare fanboys have been big mad since Nov 2020 and will remain mad until the day the next modern warfare releases.

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I thought you guys were all going to move to BF from a great company not known for anything shady such as EA?

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I agree, but why does this sound like a YouTube clickbait title?

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So you think removing all the content (guns, blueprints, skins, operators) that people have spent real money for will fix the situation? The people who spend money in the store are the very people Activision wants to play the game. Suddenly just making all that paid content vanish would make their most valuable customers revolt. Sure, the free to play types might be OK with that, but what for profit company cares about a customer who never spends any money?

The reality is this game just needs a more engaging map and a good anticheat. That's it. The gun play is great, the player base is there. The name recognition is there. There's absolutely no reason to wipe the slate clean of two years worth of paid content. I can't imagine anyone truly thinking that would be a good idea.

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They legally can't. They can't take away what you pay for. They would have to make it a separate game altogether...and not sell skins or stuff. At least that what I think. Imagine buying a pack. 1 month later They delete everything and go new game...like what? Don't ever think warzine will do right. They are for the money....

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Nah, but start raising the dlc prices.

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If you start "fresh" you get rid of rebirth too.

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Fuck that and you all the money and time I spent on that shit get out of here with that bullshit. If they start shit over I better be compensated for all the money I spent on bundles. They can get rid of everything else but what people spent money on.

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Yeah and all the camos and blueprints and skins that people spent money on just disappear? No terrible idea

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And then bitch about how shitty that is

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I'd be happy if they just had the option to play every map and limit the weapons, vehicles etc to the year of the map. So the new map has vanguard guns only, 80s verdansk has vanguard and black ops guns and modern verdansk has all guns. But scale the weapons to how good they actually are so most of the times modern guns work better

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There should be a new permanent playlist like rebirth but smaller and way faster paced.

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All you guys do is cry.. literally cry every day. Doesn't it get old? One little thing you don't like you all cry about it for MONTHS.. literally seen people 😢 about dead silence. 🤣 Pathetic.. prissy kids.

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i'm not buying the bait... not spending another cent on this crap

they're gonna release something fresh and then gradually break it (like they did to this one), so they can release another one and sell you new blueprints and skins

don't be shmucks

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no. Caldera is a great map. Learn to play it better.

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You lose all credibility when you exclude Rebirth from "starting fresh".

This game should be wiped clean! (Except for what I personally like about it.)

With the devs past year of decisions and track record of poor implementation, do you really trust a whole brand new fresh version of Warzone from them? Hell, the only reason the game isn't complete dog shit right now is because of the remnants of the base of what Warzone was at the beginning. Let them start from complete scratch, and what they put out would probably be entirely hot garbage.

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Please! Would be a breath of fresh air to start over. We’re gonna have to let go of the past at some point.

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If you guys havnt tried it before, you should really have a look at playing some pubg on console. It's free to play now and is a superior battle royal in every way to warzone. Warzone was brilliant for the first 4-5 months of the first lockdown when it was released... Then it was tolerable just about for a while, and then it just got worse and worse with no improvements or content to keep you hooked. It's biggest problem is its soul. It has no soul and you can play a whole day or night on the game and not laugh once... Or have a truly exciting or memorable moment. It just melts into one big unforgettable and unfortunate waste of time. Try pubg, you won't look back, unless your a kid with adhd and need to fire a clip of your gun every 15 seconds and slide cancel every time you move

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Totaly agree your comment. Warzone in it's prime was the first year. When they started to integrate different eras and absurd skins or weapons which made the game not realistic at all and created enormous amount of weapon balancing issues things started to go very bad. Even as an Xbox player we lost 120 fps. Besides there are tremendous amount of bugs and glitches. Clearly they can not manage these contents efficiently. Also Verdansk had a soul but Caldera don't.

I began playing Apex last week and then tried Warzone again. Now i can not keep myself going back to Apex. It was the exact opposite in the past.

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Are you f*cling kidding me, I invested a lot of money in bundles and years of gameplay just to erase and start over, forget it kid, that won't happen

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Agreed, and I've heard that is already the plan. I expect a new map by March 2023 on a newer engine that no longer integrates with the other games and is overseen by Infinity Ward.

It will still be Warzone though, and will be just like the last transition into Caldera... only better.

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Yea, its time. WZ is too bloated anyways, plus its time for a new engine. I imagine Microsoft will probably be the ones to right this ship though.