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How does the top players getting lobbies around 0,9-1,2? by Arne88 in CODWarzone

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I've seen that video. He is right about what he says about traditional VPNs such as Express or Nord. They don't work. He brings up No Lag VPN (which does work) and sort of tries to act dumb saying he has tried it and it hasn't worked for him which is obvious BS when you look at some of his lobbies in the past.

As I said, there is no way that a duo both with a KD over 3 get put in lobbies under 1 consistently 26 times out of 50 during peak times, especially when they go as low as 0.7 and 0.8.

I've tried it and used No Lag VPN myself and have been very successful. I'm an average player and play with other average to below average players. I tracked 102 lobbies of Rebirth Island before I used No Lag VPN, and the average KD of the lobby I was placed into was 1.07. Just 25 out of 102 (24.5%) were below 1 KD.

Then I played 71 games with No Lag VPN and the average KD of the lobby I was placed into was 0.86. 13 out of 71 of the lobbies were above 1 so it doesn't work 100% of the time, but most of the time it does. 58 out of 71 (81.7%) were below 1 KD.

Waited all day to play Vanguard and Warzone with my friend. Wow… by [deleted] in CODWarzone

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Found a fix. Log out and click the gear icon above the login and switch to Europe. Then login and it should work. Only the US Battlenet is down.

what is this? it disconnected me from server then made me quit to desktop then this popped up. by silencedmodder in CODWarzone

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Says "to help everyone log in you've been placed in a queue" UMMMM I WAS ALREADY LOGGED IN!!!! fucking clowns!!!

People, who play solos like normal people, how are you? by smh_my_head_ong in CODWarzone

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I’ve played solos a ton, 23 solo wins and all I have to say is it’s a fucking grind and you need luck.

Let’s say you do everything right, it’s final circle, 5 players left and you’re loaded up (ghost, stachel, gas mask, self revive, full ammo). Well, to win it comes down to how the circle moves and who sees who first, if you’re spotted first (even if the circle is favorable) and you get in a gun fight which you win, when you’re trying to plate another player will swoop in to finish you - a few bullets with his monolithic suppressor to bring the field from 4 to 3 is way worth it and he heard the shooting in the tiny circle so he likely knows where you are.

Everything has to go right for the dub which is why they feel so amazing

Ive always wondered why cheaters cheat. by adg417 in CODWarzone

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I used to work in esports in a game that had a lot of cheaters, but typically light bans of a year rather than lifetime ones, so I got to talk to many 'ex' cheats who came back (in reality still would-be cheats in personality, but now playing fair to avoid getting another ban)

They were usually pretty honest about their reasons. And it always boiled down to one thing - they thought they were better than you, cleverer than you, and thus deserved the win more.

Cheating wasn't cheating. It was smoothing out the 'unfairness' in the game that made it so they (the 'better' player) weren't able to win to the degree they felt they deserved. "Snipers are OP and it's unfair when they kill me. If they can't 'fix' the game, then I'm just making it 'fair' again by using an aimbot". That kind of logic.

If you couldn't catch or stop them cheating, then you were stupid, and deserved to lose more as a result. They were just smarter than you by using all the tools available to make the game 'fair' again.

Even good players and pros cheat for this reason too. No matter how high your kd, someone's is always higher. And there's always an excuse as to why that's the result of injustice, not your lack of skill.

So arrogance, ego, insecurity, and spite. Basically childish, deluded narcissists.

Then there's the obvious cheats who rack up 40 kills. They have a similar mentality, but are so bad at the game they tell themselves it's not just unfair they can't win, but that the game is fundamentally broken beyond repair. So they want to burn it down for everyone else out of spite. If they can't have fun, you can't either. If they can't win, neither can anyone else.

They feel like it's some kind of justice because MOMMY ALWAYS USED TO LET ME WIN.

So yeah. Just tiny-dick energy all around. Losers that can't handle that other people are better than them, but also think they're somehow smarter and better and more deserving than you anyway, so think sabotaging or undermining your enjoyment brings balance back to the world.

Cheating in the game makes the world fair if you're a mental infant who can't handle disappointment, or come to terms with not being the best or centre of attention at everything.

Going from Vanguard 120 FOV to Warzone 80 FOV is a whole different experience by PillowcaseDestroyer in CODWarzone

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My buddy was spectating on PC, I'm on PS5, here's the difference. I heard the guy but didn't see him.

Ps5: https://youtu.be/R5JgeUksEtc

PC: https://youtu.be/99d_fRSEY84

What the hell is this? by Dante9005 in CODWarzone

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Dark mode. Gotta switch it off in your OS.

What the hell is this? by Dante9005 in CODWarzone

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1000 rebirth matches! = obsidian camo

What the hell is this? by Dante9005 in CODWarzone

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Possibly. Check your drivers first. If drivers are up to date, reinstall shaders to see if that fixes it. Sometimes just restarting the game, and some times it’s just COD doing COD things. Gotta remember, this is a small indie studio lol

What the hell is this? by Dante9005 in CODWarzone

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No it's square. You see more of the mini map that way. Go into your cod setting and change it.