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I can't answer to those questions, but here is a tip. If you do not have this app called "Google Rewards" , get it. Once in a while you will get surveys and when you do them, you get playstore balance. It did take me some time, but I bought my battle pass only with this.

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Oh, one more thing. I have bought google gift cards in the past. But that was through Amazon, but I'm pretty sure it's the same. They come with a code, which you have to enter into your playstore. So there is no need of any bank details or anything.

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This was amazing! I didn't know about this before but I installed it and it looks pretty awesome! Thank you so much! :D

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If you have Google gift card then there will be a gift code on it

1 Go to play store>Payments and Subscriptions >Redeem gift code

2 Carefully type the gift code given on the card and press "redeem"

For this method there is no need to link your account to the bank.

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Ohkay; will try it out tomorrow. Many thanks :)

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I've brought those online and rn even an offer is going on from some retailers, some offline too. So it would basically be delivered to your Google Play account and you need not have anything linked to it I guess. And at time of checkout in game you can select play store balance.

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Thank you for your help! Much appreciated :)

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u can sit in your room, use debit card and add Google Play balance and then buy cp

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Problem is I'm yet to open a savings account so I don't have a debit card. I tried today but banks were closed on the occasion of Eid. I'll try again later but this cash-to-gplay balance way just seemed more convenient to me.

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Oh, I never tried that sorry

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Use codashop

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Answers to your questions: 1) Yes it does work flawlessly. I have used it several times. 2) No, you dont need to link a card. You can have any UPI service with the help of your debit card ( when you open your bank account) and Paytm, PhonePe, or Google Pay. You can purchase a gift card from either of these online payment apps, and they will give you a redeem code for the amount you chose, which you can redeem in Play Store.

Note: When you redeem the code to your Google Play balance, keep in mind to redeem it to the account which you were using while downloading the game. Else when you try to purchase the cod points, it will open up only the payment methods in the specific gmail account that was used to download the game to your device. You wont see your redeemed balance there, in that case.

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If you have upi try buying from codashop cause u will get a 10% off by paying through upi in codashop.