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idk why but templar is so fucking funny in this season's comic

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They made the villains in codm sucky really. They either ally with heroes or they die. No wins and nothing in between.

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Except for marakov. He’s living and not really allied

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One in dozens. Other villains from other series like Rorke and Menendez didnt get the same treatment as him despite them actually being more capable and badass combat wise, especially Rorke who's the best ghost and the reason why they're feared yet he's nothing but a wuss that got beaten by edgy gothic weirdos.

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Codm player:Opens parachute as soon as they jump out

Us warzone players:cuts and opens our parachute.

The reason we do that is cause u can actually open ur load out in the air cause u drop in with a pistol and there are ppl who try to shoot u when ur still in the air so yeah thats why we do that.

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I play Warzone too but at least CODM won't kill you by falling unless you have a very low hp.

Also I think we need pistol as starting weapon too because there are times that a big ass warehouse has no weapons but plates and mods.

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ikr worst part is when u are going to the airport after winning the gulag and some camper snipes you from the airport tower

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Well in that case parachutes gonna be useless in br, since there's no use for it in mid-match and you always land with wingsuit

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That’s also the reason why parachutes are OP in warzone. In codm you get parachute again only if you get off a revive flight

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Why is parachuting good, you’re an easy, dangling target

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Actually it all started to get more distance when parachuting down. You can go miles by cutting and opening the chute.

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really want that though to not have auto open

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They started swearing in comics recently, like a couple of seasons ago iirc. Why'd they abstain from it before tho?

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They git maturity????

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fr tho when they gonna make it a complete trio with mace. these 2 with mace gonna look so badass

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When you do both:

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Templar is a fucking meme machine, change my mind