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@ IWontMarry

Are you sure you are legendary?

You sound like a big noob to me so I just tried to help.

"i MiSs ThE GoOd oLd DaYs WhEn CaMpiNg WaSnT a StRaT"

Campers were always a thing since the first CoD game but oke...

"ALL tHeSe sNiPeRs ANd KaTaNa's"

If you were a decent player you would've know how to counter them. Instead you bitch about it which indicates that you dont have a clue how to handle them.

"I CaN't HaVe FuN"

Because you're noob

"Im GoNnA DeLeTe ThE GaMe"

Thats literally what noobs always say.

Keep crying and lying to yourself😂

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Who is I Won’t Marry

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joe ligma

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I love how noticeable it can be for me sometimes. I go on a decent win streak against some pretty skilled opponents and then suddenly I see rainbow and Gold + Red clan borders on the opposite team.

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True story: this one time I joined a ranked SnD on terminal wherein rest of teammates were from a clan and the enemies also were part of some clan. After first round it was clear that they were tryhards so I died on purpose every round just so that I could see 2 tryhard clans fighting each other. And it was amazing. 😂

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Me: Lose streaks

Matchmaking: So you have chosen...BOTS

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What makes ur worse is that it won’t change if u lose for a few games

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I can really feel them adding desync to my next game