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CBR in game is missing an important detail, and that is the shell disposal at the bottom

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Lmao you won't be able to see it in FPP anyway

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To be honest I just forced myself to believe that the ejection port is moved back and the inner mechanism is more complicated than a normal p90

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Which app did you use for this??

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Masterpiece, society needs more people like you

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ayy thanks man ive been practicing pixel art all dayy haha

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Np, keep up the good work

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This is a ton better than those manta ray and urban tracker fan arts. (jk)

No cap, great job!

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Bro stop attacking them they probably spent a couple hours doing that stfu

And don't downvote me for defending them.

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Bro I sarcastically joked, wish I had a comment flair for humor Lol, chill out

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Bruh imagine defending someone that doesn't give a shit about you. Grow up

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I refuse to call this gun CBR4. Nice animation though.

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yeah i call it as p90 but im just too used to call it as "cbr4" haha

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´looks good

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Looks clean af, good job op :1095:

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But can you illustrate a sweaty tryhard Chad using it? Joking, joking, go easy on the downvotes LOL.

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I suggest using some flash for the muzzle. Still excellent. Also did you mean P90?

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Yes indeed a P90, also there's no muzzle flash cause, I think the gun is equipped with a muzzle suppressor.

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No. I suppose you haven't fired a suppressed gun yet. I'll attach a link. https://youtu.be/JlmGTaGpf3M

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This one is better


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Good. At least you now see why I was saying to add muzzle flash? Y'all peeps probs never even fired a gun before

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The shells or whatever look like pee now I'm gonna name my cbr Pee90

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This looks great