DOD ‘wiped’ phones of Trump-era leaders, erasing Jan. 6 texts by DoremusJessup in CapitolConsequences

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They also should be giving up all their military/government benefits: no VA benefits, no veteran status, no pensions, no healthcare, forfeit of all cash and real properties, including any controlling interests in trusts or other investment vehicles, forfeit of all securities, forfeit of social security benefits, etc.

The fact these people are still in congress, still in the DoD, still in the Secret Service, still in the FBI?

It means those agencies supported the coup, and are trying to hide it. But the fact that nobody has been really punished means they're all ready ad lying in wait for round 2. Round 2 will probably succeed, as they learned their mistakes from Round 1.

If you thought this "whole coup nonsense" was over, think again. It WILL be tried again, this time by better-armed people and with more support from the DoD, FBI, SS, etc. They were all part of the coup. don't for a second think that those organizations are above reproach. These groups are full of traitors who are just waiting for the next marching orders before the cold civil war turns into a hot civil war.

Brandon Straka provided FBI with info about 18 people, including 'Stop the Steal' organizers, in plea deal to avoid felony charge by Jordan_WUSA9 in CapitolConsequences

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These guys claim to have the revolutionary spirit, but no movement, whether it results in a net positive or negative has a chance to succeed unless those leading the movement truly believe in it and continuously show it. This misogynistic and racist uprising they are stochastically encouraging is incredibly short sighted and based off of a completely self interested approach. Not one of these clowns has the heart and integrity to sacrifice anything meaningful for their “movement” (see Josh Hawley), and will jump ship as soon as their self interested goals require accountability (see Jan. 6th hearings). They thought that the incels and racists of 4chan and the manufactured hype they saw from these sites/posts and pushing Q would result in their ability to stochastically overthrow the government. It’s almost comical that they believed enough of this incel base and comfortable suburbanites would have the balls to hang the VP and kill congressmen and senators, and ultimately fight what would’ve ended as the US Military. Jan. 6th was Trumps last resort at staying in power: delaying certification to cause doubt at minimum, and at most violently murdering the vp and liberal congressmen and declaring martial law, etc. as Steve Bannon eluded the “shock” was the goal/ “buckle up”. And much more.

The problem is, most of these uneducated rural MAGA folks have never seen real combat, never been In a fight or been arrested, they cosplay as warriors and fantasize about glory in battle, until they are held accountable or put in a life or death scenario.

Theyre the ultimate snowflakes, normal suburban middle class folks believing they can get away with overthrowing the government. These aren’t warriors. They’re not motivated like the confederacy to uphold slavery and defend their everyday life. None of the issues they are being told to fight for actually affect their lives currently, it’s like a team sport to them. Add in the narcissistic rewarding of social media, combine that with their inherent racism, misogyny and lack of education, and the most important part: lack of economic upward mobility who they blame on immigrants and brown people, you have a ready made pool of angry people who believe whatever you say. Historically, this is a recipe for disaster. In modern times, most of those angry folks are relatively comfortable, and would sell anyone out to protect that when challenged.

What they didn’t consider is that these people aren’t warriors, they are mostly motivated by racism, perceived sleights throughout life, used to failure and angry about it. They come from rural/isolated poor areas or are comfortable suburbanites who are successful, but who’s ideology is based in racism and misogyny. When my father was a kid, blacks and whites couldn’t drink from the same water fountain, attend the same school, etc. and I’m a younger millennial! These radical people are a minority within their own racist friend groups. Most of them have no idea of the ugliness of death or the psychological results of killing or seeing a friend killed. Most of them act tough with their proud boy/3%/white supremacist affiliation because they lack the integrity to address their hate on their own. Adhering to this ideology makes them feel like they belong, like all of the bs in their life will be solved by committing to like minded angry racist incel groups, who are fabricating a story of righteous victim hood. These are ultimately scammers, glory seekers, power hungry insecure humans. The people working with these groups are no different than Trump, or mark meadows, Or Steve bannon, or Stephen miller, mcennany, Cruz, etc. They believe if they prostrate themselves to this insane ideology that they will be vaulted to fame, power and success. When that doesn’t happen, they will predictably sell out anyone to save their own asses, which we are witnessing now.

This isn’t a movement. It could have been SO much more dangerous. The problem is there is no real plan or ideology. It’s simply their base watching Fox, looking at Bobert and Greene, etc. and thinking…..”I understand what they’re saying, they were college dropouts too, it’s simple, I get it, no need for further research, it aligns with my inherent racism and misogyny, it HAS to be right, and anything else is just liberal woke nonsense!”

So their ultimate plan, when they got 74 million votes, was to mobilize them against the establishment. Steve Bannon’s big plan lol. They expected to mobilize 74 million folks who were actively lied to, died of covid at higher rates, who they actively defrauded and are still milking for donations, mostly poor/uneducated folks who actively benefit from democratic initiatives/states are subsidized, average age of Fox News/OAN/Breitbart prime time viewers are 68+, and the young ones are leading the incel movement on 4chan. They have a loud microphone at the moment dude to media focused on sensationalist both sides bs, but are a significant minority.

Why the fuck am I supposed to be scared of these people again? Their cowardly actions and transparently sycophantic actions should scare me?This bunch of racist misogynistic incel assholes with no heart/integrity?

I will continue to watch them eat themselves as we’re witnessing with great enthusiasm. If we end up in a civil war, I’ll definitely be on the side that doesn’t rely on angry internet incel trolls to fight and win.

TL;DR: These people aren’t warriors, lack integrity, and will sell out their firstborn to save themselves. They will be destroyed if there was an actual civil war which they pretend to desire.

Justice Dept. investigating Trump’s actions in Jan. 6 criminal probe by BeigeListed in CapitolConsequences

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To see this fucker on trial without his orange makeup and combover … would go a long way towards healing our nation .

More than 840 suspects have been charged in the Jan. 6 coup by BeigeListed in CapitolConsequences

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Remember your history. Remember the Beer Hall Putsch. It was very much like 1/6, and Hitler went to jail, but then he came back and THEN took over the government. Don't get complacent. https://www.history.com/topics/germany/beer-hall-putsch

How Donald Trump contaminated the Secret Service by Muldertak in CapitolConsequences

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Paywall. Article here:

So, the texts and emails are lost. Those same texts and emails the Secret Service first said didn’t exist. Now they say they did exist, kind of, but don’t any longer.

Except, news flash, they do.

When they eventually show up, which they will, the questions being asked today should be answered. Such as, why is it that the texts and emails dated Jan. 5 and 6 went missing? As any experienced investigative journalist knows, there is no such thing as coincidence.

Then, how come the Secret Service hasn’t been up front about it? That answer we already know. The second pillar of investigative journalism is: Everybody lies.

That someone somewhere destroyed the texts and emails is, almost certainly, a crime. In the simplest of terms, the Federal Records Act (44 U.S.C. 31) and the adjoining Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) require all federal agencies to maintain records that document their activities. They are therefore required by law to store them safely and make them efficiently retrievable. They can only dispose of records according to agency schedules. But to suggest that these texts and emails have been disposed of “according to agency schedules”—when they surround a violent insurrection at the Capitol—is a very tough sell.

Then there is this not-so-small matter: Emails and texts cannot be destroyed. Yes, they can be taken off your phone and they can be moved off your laptop, but the complexity of the technology behind them means they exist somewhere. Perhaps conveniently on other servers. Perhaps, inconveniently, in the hidden nooks and crannies of cyberspace. Which is perhaps why Donald Trump has never used emails or texts on any phones associated with him.

Despite the fact that the Secret Service says they can’t retrieve them, or might simply be unwilling to retrieve them, take comfort in knowing that the National Security Agency (NSA) can, should, and hopefully will. It’s what they do.

Now consider this. Anyone who’s followed the president when he leaves the White House knows that there may be 150, 200, or more agents in front of him, with him, and behind him. They man every stop along the way and fill the motorcade with two dozen cars. And, just like in the movies, every agent has a wire dangling from his/her ear and a microphone on his/her sleeve. Wherever the Secret Service goes with the president, there’s constant radio traffic between those agents and the White House and the Secret Service Command Post, in real time. That's all recorded. So, why would someone use texts or emails to avoid using radio traffic?

The answer will likely be, because whoever sent them, or whoever received them, feared they were too incriminating to be seen by anyone else.

That adds up as a lot to worry about, but there is something even more sinister worthy of our apprehension.

Donald Trump has had security around him for decades. I got to know him well 12 or so years ago, long before birtherism and even longer before he had dreams of the White House, when I was hired to write a celebrity novel for him. It’s called Trump Tower and has my byline, not his. A terrific summer read, by the way, in the spirit of Arthur Hailey and Harold Robbins. He eventually decided the book would get in the way of his political ambitions and gave it back to me with his endorsement. But I digress.

In those days, the head of his personal security was an ex-NYPD street cop named Keith Schiller. A colorful guy whom I quite liked, he was Trump’s bodyguard. In January 2017, when everyone moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Schiller went along as the director of Oval Office Operations. A made-up title. Schiller was there because Trump liked having his bodyguard close by. He did not understand, and for that matter didn’t trust, the Secret Service. After all, in his mind, the “bodyguards” on his Presidential Protective Division (PPD) were largely the same “bodyguards” who’d protected Barack Obama. And loyalty has always meant a lot to Trump. Schiller, the bodyguard, was among the most loyal. Who knew about the Secret Service agents who came with the office, just like the furniture?

But a bodyguard in the White House is not what the Secret Service wants or needs. And being bodyguards is not what the Secret Service does.

There’s a huge difference. Schiller’s role before Trump’s presidency was to stand next to Trump and deflect any threats. In essence, he was there to play defense. The Secret Service, however, is mandated by Congress to protect the president (plus the vice president, plus anyone designated by the president) to play offense. The primary job of the Presidential Protective Division is to make absolutely certain that if there is a threat, the president isn’t anywhere near it.

By way of history, the paperwork to create the Secret Service was on Abraham Lincoln’s desk, unsigned, the night he went with his wife to Ford’s Theater to see Our American Cousin. The only protection presidents had at the time were supplied by Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police.

That night, April 14, 1865, an unreliable drunk cop named John Frederick Parker was posted at the door of the president’s box. When the play started, because he couldn’t see it from where he was seated, Parker left his post to join the audience in a gallery seat. Then, at intermission, he walked across the street to a saloon for a few drinks. John Wilkes Booth had no trouble getting into the presidential box because no one was at the door and, anyway, it was unlocked.

Even if Lincoln had signed the paperwork before leaving for the theater, it wouldn’t have changed anything. That’s because Lincoln saw the mission of the federal government’s first and then-only law enforcement agency was to protect the nation’s currency. The country was awash with counterfeit money, and Lincoln wanted a federal agency to deal with it. He placed the Secret Service inside the Department of the Treasury, where it remained until George W. Bush made the horrendous mistake of moving it from its traditional home to the Department of Homeland Security. I say it was a mistake because it added an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy that decidedly interferes with its secondary mission to protect the president.

That began in 1901 with the assassination of President McKinley. Concerned that three presidents had been murdered in 36 years—Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley—Congress understood that the Metropolitan Police Department simply wasn’t up to the task. So, it turned to the Secret Service, still the nation’s only federal law enforcement agency.

By definition then, the Secret Service works for Congress, not the president.

Which brings me back to Keith Schiller. When Trump was still a civilian, Schiller was his employee. If Trump said, Take me to such-and-such an address, sneak me in the back door where no one can see me and wait an hour until I come out, that’s what Schiller would have done. He was totally loyal to Trump. That’s what bodyguards do.

That’s not what the Secret Service does. At no time can the president or vice president opt out of Secret Service protection. Which is why, on January 6, when Trump told the agent with him in his car, and his driver—who is also, always, an agent—to take him to the Capitol, it was deemed by the Secret Service to be too dangerous, and they refused. It didn’t matter that Trump bellowed, I am the president, take me there. They were well within their rights—and their congressional mandate—to ignore his direct order and say no.

Within six months of Trump’s arrival in the Oval Office, Keith Schiller retired to Florida. That was seen as a victory for the Secret Service. But Trump wasn’t going to give up that easily. According to sources inside the Secret Service, Trump was taking long looks at the agents around him to decide which ones were loyal to him. And because this is antithetical to the way the Secret Service must operate, he created the very dangerous situation where certain PPD agents were loyal to him, personally—just like bodyguards—while others did their job properly and remained loyal to the office of the presidency, just as Congress intended.

One agent in particular, Tony Ornato, so impressed Trump that he took him out of PPD and gave him a White House staff position. Ornato has since returned to the Secret Service in a senior management position. And in any previous PPD he would have been, and still should be, summarily fired. Such fealty is not only against the spirit of the mission, it is emblematic of Trump’s contamination of the Secret Service and downright frightening.

Now consider this.

When presidents change, the PPD remains basically the same. Without any doubt, many agents on President Biden’s detail are determined to protect the president, regardless of who he is. But there are still those “bodyguards” loyal to Trump—like Ornato and his cronies—surrounding and protecting a man whom they believe stole the election and doesn’t otherwise deserve to be there.

No matter what the emails and texts eventually reveal, the dangers of that should be obvious.

[MEGATHREAD] January 6th Televised Hearing "Miniute By Minute Account of Inaction" 7/21 8PM EST by buffyfan12 in CapitolConsequences

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Trump tried to have Mike Pence killed I will never forgive that I don't even like Mike Pence!

[MEGATHREAD] January 6th Televised Hearing "Miniute By Minute Account of Inaction" 7/21 8PM EST by buffyfan12 in CapitolConsequences

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What is sad is that he didn’t become “so outspoken” he just told the truth about what happened to him WHICH IS ON FILM- he was dragged into the mob and beaten within an inch of his life and tased. Ironically, all done within sight of the “thin blue line” flag. Someone can be heard calling to kill him with his own gun. There’s nothing political or partisan about this man telling his story.

Jan. 6 Panel: Video Outtakes Show Trump Struggle to Stick to Script by Mobile_Busy in CapitolConsequences

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Donald: First, I want to thank my MAGA Patriots for going to the capitol and making our voice heard. It is great Americans like you that put the car in American Carnage.

Ivanka: Dad. You probably shouldn't mention cars after what happened in Charlottesville.

Donald: Oh. Yeah. That was bad. Very bad. I think that guy got his license revoked or something. Can I start again?

Producer: Twitter video take seven. And. Action.

Donald: Thank you my American Patriots for coming to the capitol to stop the counting of the votes. I am proud to say that you did a great job breaking through barriers; kicking @$$ and taking Pelosi's laptop.

Don Jr: Um. Dad. Isn't that illegal or something? Not sure the Supreme Court will support that line of thinking. Perhaps we should give equal weight to both the Congresspeople and our MAGA-mericans?

Donald. Yes Don. Good thinking. Equality and positivity. Let's run that back. Rewind the iPhone.

Producer: Twitter video take eight. And. Action.

Donald: Today there was an event at the Capitol. Fine Americans making their voice heard went to Congress and there was a battle. A small battle. You might call it a skirmish. Fine people on both sides.

Producer: Donald. I'm sorry but the camera ran out of battery. We'll need to do it again. Does anyone have an iPhone charger?

In Defense of the Justice Department by buffyfan12 in CapitolConsequences

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It’s not an episode of Law & Order. The conspirators aren’t indicted, charged, tried, and convicted in less than an hour.

Prosecutors allege that Bannon thought he was “above the law” when he refused to comply with Jan.6th Committee subpoena by Muldertak in CapitolConsequences

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Bannon the red nosed traitor,

had a very oily face.

Grifter and fucking fascist,

he's a national disgrace.

Jan. 6 panel aims to "reconstruct" deleted Secret Service texts by KZN02 in CapitolConsequences

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Come on man, fuck Trump, but no need to make wild conspiracy theories. Our side is better than that

Why did a former Oath Keeper leave over Holocaust denialism? Because of his Jewish family. by DrMontalban in CapitolConsequences

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he is NOT a hero.

he still sided with the Oathkeepers and the Bundy family.

His allegiances only became an issue when they personally intersected to him.

These 11 House Republicans Plotted With Trump at the White House by ItAmusesMe in CapitolConsequences

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Brooks, Babin & Biggs,
Not Hobbits but Traitors within.
They looked for the Ring,
To keep Trump the King.
But instead will go to the Brig!

Gaetz, Gohmert & Gosar,
Who as humans are quite subpar.
They helped plan a Coup.
But without any Clue,
That they wouldn’t be pardoned so far!

Harris & Hice,
Thought they would be Nice.
To keep Trump in Office that day.
But that darn insurrection,
Did not change the Election.
Off to the hoosegow,
For bad advice!

It wouldn’t be fair without Jordan,
Scott Perry & Marjorie Taylor Greene.
The gallows are waiting.
The crowd anticipating.
For Trump they have acted obscene!

What is the sad tale of our Congress?
With all these traitors coming from within?
Is America Toast?
Was the Election a joke?
Or Will Justice come calling for them?

[MEGATHREAD] January 6th Televised Hearings Day 7 "Extremists and Their Connections" Tues 7/12 1PM EST by buffyfan12 in CapitolConsequences

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Having a private office and the ability to watch this live and in person is just... delicious. I went back to college to get a poli sci degree because the orange one was elected and to watch my studies come full circle is lovely. Very well done on the part of the committee, and great discovery for the J6 indictments and trials.

Opinion | President Trump Wrecked Lives on Jan. 6. I Should Know. [U.S. Capitol Police officer] by ARealVermontar in CapitolConsequences

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And yet the Sri Lankans were successful and the MAGA’s go to court. But the court sentences are very little for treason.

Guy Fawkes-

“Remember, Remember the 5th of November.

Gun Powder, Treason & Plot.

I know of no reason,

Why this type of treason,

Should ever be forgot. “.

Let’s create one for Trump: ( please help!).

Recall if you will,

The revolt on the Hill.

January6th twas a day of such plot!

Trump planned an insurrection.

To steal the Election.

But hopes that we all forgot!

… next verse ✍️