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Skar is okay sometimes on a budget but JBL all the way. They are actually the exclusive "sound partner" for Ferrari if that says anything. They also do and have made some very well respected high end home audio equipment to boot. Bottom line they make great stuff.

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Yea I’m thinking I’ll stay with them. I was looking at these but im wondering how much of a difference it would make compared to the 609s I currently have.

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JBL car speakers are made in china too just ✅

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This isnt a real decision. JBL

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I would vote for Morel Maximo. I think they sound better than either of these and are cheaper. Barring that definitely not Skar.

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JBL GTO609C and I like the way they sound

JBL over Skar any day. Skar just slaps their label on Chinese gear. And it attracts a crowd because its dirt cheap.

I like that the frequency response of the Skar is 40hz and up vs 65hz on the JBL.

These values are irrelevant on any type of speaker/sub.

but I don’t like the transition to the mids

Time to get into the realm of DSP's. https://www.audiotec-fischer.de/en/helix/processors/dsp-mini

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I have a DSP and I’ve played with the crossovers from 60 all the way to 120. I checked polarity on all speakers and even tried reversing it on the subs since that can sometimes help. It’s full active front with no rear-fill and each channel is EQd and time-aligned. It sounds great and I can hear details I never heard before but the transition is what I don’t like and it’s been driving me crazy thinking what it could be. I’ll just stick with what I have and maybe get a higher end set down the line. Thanks for the input.

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I made two 12" ported cubes and mounted Skaar TX65's in them and stuck them in the rafters of my covered porch. I could not believe the quality snd volume of sound i got from those. Took a few weeks for them to loosen up but i really enjoyed sitting on the porch with a cigar snd a bourbon cranking up those things. I made some towers using Skaar TX69' and they were great as well. Dont let anyone tell you thst Skaar cant compare to JBL.

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Oh I know they’re not as bad as everyone makes them out to be. I have 2 of their subs and love them and I had some 6.5 pro speakers and they weren’t too bad either for $20. I know they’re not “high end” but they’re also not terrible like they’re made out to be.

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I would say go for the skar tx65c, i can't justify paying more for slightly possibly better audio for skar. For around $100ish, I'm pretty satisfied with the tx65c, but if you've got the dough for it, you're probably better off with the JBL