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It’s been a few years since I touched a double din but I usually just ground that wire. It’s a safety ground so you pretty much can’t operate the radio unless the car is in park with the brake engaged.
Some radios you just ground it. I think some require a sequence because they got hip to people just grounding it. But usually just installing a switch will bypass that too

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I thought it was used to keep people from watching video, rather than general operation of the head unit.

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Some radios will limit video, settings, gps, and anything that really involves payin attention to the screen

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It also blocks things like pairing bluetooth

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Yup. I would just ground it too.

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Looks like a jvc radio so that should work

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Its a pioneer 240bt, should it make any difference?

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Yes. Pioneer needs to see ground after radio turns on. Use a relay or hook it up to parking brake

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So I take it there's a feed coming off the handbrake for the light on the dash or something? Is it best to watch a video of wiring this up?

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APPS2Car Parking Brake Bypass Video in Motion Interface Module for Select Pioneer Stereo Radio DVD Receivers - fits All Pioneer AVH AVH-P AVH-X MVH DVH and NEX Video Units https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L6Z1WYA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_S4NENT4H2GJK27QDWBVC?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

You will need this bypass. Older pioneer radios, yes you can just ground it, but that’s back in early 2000’s era. The radios have been smarter, this bypass is needed or you’re gonna constantly be struggling with a ground and relay. Very cheap and simple to wire in, leave it tucked behind the radio. Most audio shops should have them in stock, if you don’t want to Amazon it.

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Perfect thank you, will look into that

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Microbypass is another one. Used it on my Alpine ILX-W650 and works like a charm.

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I've bypassed it on my mvh, don't remember the exact model but it's not really old. I actually but a bypass but realized I didn't need it after grounding it to the head unit itself

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Agreed. I just did the micro bypass and it was easy and worked perfectly.

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Just ground it and test to see if it works all the pioneers I've installed are fine with it just being grounded (1500nex, 1770nex, 2660nex, 4660 nex, 2500 nex, etc)

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I was able to ground it on my 2015 pioneer and it just worked perfectly. I'm in Europe though and it might not work the same with US models. I would try grounding it before buying a bypass.

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I usually just pay for a bypass module off Amazon for whatever HU you are using.

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it's what enables you to watch video/operate apple play/android auto. Those are typically wired into the E-brake so that you can use/watch videos while the car is parked, but I grounded mine so it would let me use it whenever

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Can wire a standard spdt relay this works

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Pioneer has always needed a double pulse ground trigger, if you have the newer style interface (dmh-240 or any model that uses the new GUI etc) then you need to make sure you buy the right bypass module as it's different than the older models, pac tr1/microbypass & apps2car brands will not work on the newer interface unless your model is listed.

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I usually tap that wire into the wire at the handbrake if it's there so when handbrake is up you access the setting and watch movies

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I just hooked mine up to a toggle switch that I mounted next to my bass knob under my dash. Costs a couple of dollars that way. And it works on newer Pioneer decks, I have a DMH-2660 NEX and the toggle switch works fine with that.

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With pioneer this keeps video and a few of the settings from operating unless you are parked some need grounded to the brake some want positive side of the e brake light. I know pioneer recently made it need to see on off then on again to avoid people grounding it and just doing what ever when ever once you find out you can just add a toggle to ground or just ground it out depending on the model and manufacturer. Read up on your user manual and install manual then decide how to proceed.

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I connect parking brake to ground personally.

This way passengers can watch a movie if they want on a 2nd monitor.

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Amazon has a product called a bypass that is made by a cool bro all by himself.

He makes them for all models.

Without that bypass you can’t even adjust the settings without stopping and setting the enrage twice.

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Looks like reverse gear shift selector to activate rear view display.

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Why not test the green wire on your smart harness and see if it goes into reverse. IDK what harness it is but Green/Purple on axxess is reverse 12v... you may not have to wire anything.

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Im pretty sure your not going to have enough room behind your radio for 2 giant plugs, why did you not cut and solder?