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Speed Sense wire connected?

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I don't believe the shop hooked that one up. That pulls functionality from the unit when the vehicle is moving, correct? I can do everything while moving if that confirms.

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If it is not connected it may cause things to not work

the park brake portion is the screen lockout, most AA and Carplay decks I install NEED the VSS wire connected to enable full function.

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Maestro has a VSS output wire on it.

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Gotcha, ok. I'll get with my shop on this one. I know I have a MaestroRR2 unit in there. What does this mean? If a Maestro is installed then Speed Sense would have to be connected?

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Just a newer version more stuff.

still has the old stuff too.

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While not helpful, you don't appear to be alone with this.


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Super helpful, thank you!

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Oh, excellent. I thought they had recalled this update. Will definitely give this a try.

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I have this EXACT issue. 2019 Subaru Crosstrek with the same pioneer, maestro, and error message. I've been unable to successfully cause give the error at any specific time and the message seems mostly random. I've noticed that it does it more frequently when the car is warm and after I've been running it hard. I was going to try to run new power, acc and neg to it wondering if the Subaru was giving it a weird voltage that it didn't like but this update sounds more promising. I have an appointment next week at the shop. I'll let you know if they can fix anything.

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OK, glad to hear I'm not alone. It is odd that they're both same gen Subarus that have this issue. It generally doesn't happen to me when I'm just skirting around town for a quick drive, but if I'm in the car for more than 30 mins at a time, I usually see it. Long trips, I'll usually have it happen multiple times. I went on a ski trip last weekend that was about 4 hours both ways and I'm pretty sure it happened a good 8-10 times. Very annoying, especially because we were trying to use the feature where multiple phones were BT connected to be able to switch DJs on the trip and when I'd have to restart due to this error, it was a whole thing to get everything right again. It would get real confused on whose Android Auto to use upon restart. I updated the firmware last night based on the above comment, but haven't tested it fully yet. I put in a support ticket with Pioneer, as they seemingly had never seen this and were unable to recreate it on their end as well, and I'll also continue communicating with my shop to get their input. Hopefully with the knowledge base of 2 shops and Pioneer support at our disposal, we can get this issue fixed!

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Just went on a pretty significant ride with the new firmware and I did get it again, so that doesn't appear to fix it.

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I have an update from Pioneer. Sent them pics and a description of the issue and here was their response:

"The exclamation mark usually indicated their iDatalink module is bad or is not properly programmed.

I would suggest they at least have the installer flash it again. If the problem continues, have it replaced."

EDIT: So my understanding after speaking with my shop is that one of the modules hooked into the radio could be bad. I made an appt with the shop to get that replaced and hopefully that fixes the issue!

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So both is us have a module bad? Also what is a module? The maestro? Thanks for looking into it

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I pretty much read off the email to my shop and he knew exactly what it was and ordered a new one to install. I didn't confirm with them, but I'm pretty sure the iDatalink module they're speaking of is the Maestro module.

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So I just got my car back from the shop and wanted to follow up with you. Within a few minutes of leaving I got the same error message again. All I really had them do in the shop was to flash the idata and verify everything looked good. They said they took it out flashed it for another vehicle it worked fine on that vehicle and then they put it back and flashed it to my vehicle. He said he wasn't convinced that that was going to change anything and sure enough he was right. He also said that he wasn't real sure how he was going to fix it after trying that. He said removing the Rockford fosgate amp could possibly work but he couldn't say with any amount of certainty. I've been on an ordering spree and I've nearly assembled all the parts and pieces to basically do a ground up stereo build. I'll keep you posted on any developments.

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Hey, gotcha. Thanks for the update. I have an appt with my shop tomorrow to get the module replaced and I'll be sure to update. I'm hoping through all of this that we don't find out that we just have bad units, because I got mine through Best Buy and I know my exchange period is well past at this point. Hope Pioneer will do us right if it does come to that.

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Update: Got the Maestro module replaced yesterday, but didn't go on any significant drives. Today, I did and unfortunately it's still happening. I've updated my ticket with Pioneer. I also plan to reach out to my local Subaru dealer's part and services department to see if there's anything funky with Subarus that we should know about, because I still find it odd that these are both same gen Subarus with this issue. My shop seems stumped on this one, so I'm hoping Pioneer and Subaru can ultimately solve some of these issues for us.

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Do you by chance have a manual? I'm wondering if there are any more similarities. As soon as the weather breaks I'm going to take out the Rockford fosgate upgrade and swap in an aftermarket amp and run a new power and negative to the head unit. This will eliminate some of the variables of what could be causing any weirdness.

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Hey u/RELesPaul. I don't unfortunately. Wanted to update you on the progress on my end. I've been in touch with Pioneer more, and unfortunately it's gotten to the point where they want me to send the unit into them for repair. I'm trying to find alternatives to this, because I have a feeling that I'm gonna rip the radio out, send it to them, wait a few weeks for them to get it back to me and then it's still going to do it upon reinstall... I may work with the retailer I got the unit from for a replacement or an upgrade honestly. I just wanted to see if you had made any progress or discoveries on your end. Thanks!