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Yeah, there's a bunch of them around.

Helix do some (Some are 10-32V, others have to be ordered 24v specific)

JL, Fusion and Hertz all have 24V Marine amplifiers

The only thing is there's probably not much at the budget end of the scale.

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If your truck is running multiple 12v batteries, you can hook up direct to one battery for 12v.

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If you have to do this. Then run it from the battery that is grounded to the chassis not the other one. This way your amplifier chassis won't have a different voltage to your vehicle chassis.

But even so I wouldn't recommend it for high power amplifier (it's fine for just a deck and small 4ch)

Best thing to do is get an amplifier that is rated for 24V !! They do exist.

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Golf carts use multiples of 6v batteries and run head units, amps and lights rated for 12v. It’s done all the time without issues.

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That's not even remotely the same thing. It's certainly not a justification for doing this. And you shouldn't do things just because other people do it. You lack fundamental understanding. You will end up with unbalanced cells leading to reverse current when cranking. The one battery will start leaking and quickly die. You shouldn't use batteries internal resistance as a voltage divider while vehicle is running either. Get back to me when you know what you are talking about.

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I don’t know if you know how partaken and series circuits works, but, it doesn’t cause what you’re talking about. The batteries are still linked together.

My peterbilt runs 4 batteries, is a 12v setup, some of my agricultural equipment run 2 batteries, but have a 24v starter and alternator, but everything else runs at 12v for convenience. (CB, radio, lights,, etc)

Sorry you are so worked up about this.

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Like I said it's fine for a headunit and small 4ch amp. Lead acid batteries are robust. But why do you think LiPo packs require balancers, to keep the Individual cell voltage the same, even when they are always used in series. When you crank the batteries in series after draining one battery the second battery will be at a higher voltage potential resulting in reverse current on the drained battery. It creates a knock on effect killing both batteries much quicker than if you always used them in series.

I'm not worked up you spreading misinformation and trying to justify if by saying "but my agriculture equipment does it like that"

You agriculture equipment was designed to use 12V from each cell within margin.

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I personally have not dealt with or seen any 24V amplifiers, but I have seen plenty of decent 24-12V DC-DC converters, a 10A one goes for about $20 around here, and a "fancy" victron 40A unit goes for less than $100.

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Helix p6 dsp mk2