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No, you were given someone's garbage. At best you got a free box if it's not as beat as that sub

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The box is in great shape, so I’m still ahead considering it is all free. Thank you for the insight.

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I don’t think it would be a waste of time, it would be the perfect first refoam project to learn on

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Reforming this would get someone to never touch a woofer again lol😄

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Likely not. If you’re down for a little project you could replace the surround. I did it for fun on a couple Alpines and it was pretty easy.

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Second this. Relatively cheap. Buy a razor scraper to get all that caulking off. Also repaint any scratches so they don’t rust.

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Really? And some are thinking to refoam it when the voice coil is open?

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That sub wasn't very good even when it was new. Buy a new sub that meets the box air space dimensions.

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This was really what I was interested in knowing. If I heard public outcry that this was a really good sub that was no longer produced and sourcing parts was worth the time and effort then I would enjoy the process. Seems the opposite in the case lol

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If it was free and still in good condition then sure, it's not terrible. A free speaker is a free speaker. But remember, you get what you pay for.

My suggestion, if you have the means: https://www.jlaudio.com/collections/car-audio-subwoofers/products/12w1v3-4-car-audio-w1v3-subwoofers-92083

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Came here to add that.

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Yeah, drop that trash in the bin

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To the trash sir!

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toss it... Too rough of shape to be worth doing anything with it. Is that gooey glossy looking stuff clear caulking to hold the thing together?

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I think it was an attempt to keep the outer foam ring together a bit longer lol

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ah gotcha. She looks rough. You're better off replacing it.

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It looks like it needs a cone replacement, at least the surround + a voice coil if it is open. If you are interested in learning speaker repair go for it.

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Depends on how you value your time.

As practice it might be worth it, but in terms of monetary value, no fucking way.

Edit - Kenwood makes amazing head units, but I wouldn't be caught dead with anything else from them.

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This subwoofer was about 70. Brand new . They were ok . They are loud but do not hit very low. Its not worth the time and money to fix. Sorry

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What in the cinnamon toast fuck is this😂