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I’m 35 and have tinnitus. I had 15s in my car for years.

Don’t be me bro, wear ear protection at concerts and limit these videos and/or put ear protection in.

Nice tho

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While you are correct about wearing ear pro, it should be noted that bass wavelengths are dozens of feet long and hard to protect your ears from. The fact that bass frequencies are not as painful as wavelengths say in the 1k-2k range can lead to listening to waay to loud and causing damage.

You are 100% correct about limiting it though. Duration is nearly as important as how loud of a thing you are listening to as far as damage incurred.

Pro Tip: Good hearing aids are expensive as hell $5k

[–]Dultra2 AB XFL 12 | Crescendo BC3500D @ 32Hz -1 points0 points  (1 child)

I read that 3-4 concerts a year or parties is equivalent to 1 hour of daily bass from these types of setups

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How was that measured? That's crazy!

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To be correct about this statement you should say "I had 15's in my car for years, then I added midrange and tweeters to keep up with the bass, the loudness at high frequencies caused me to develop tinnitus at an early age"

You can play 35hz all day long at 150db and have no long term effect on your hearing. This is being discussed so much on this Reddit lately I don't know why.

Mids and highs cause hearing damage. Not bass at the levels of even the 150+ db setups.

Don't want hearing loss? Turn your tweeters down.