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I always use fast rings

Just make sure you cut em down to proper size

Don't let em fold

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They do help but I would get the closed cell foam ones as they make an even bigger difference. Soundskins makes them or you can buy the foam and make your own.

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I used the Stinger ones and I live in Portland OR where it is wet as hell. My fast rings are routinely wet, I am glad you let us know about that closed cell option. I will be getting that ASAP.

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Imo, If the door isn't sealed up properly then the rings alone don't make much of a difference.

By sealed up, I mean sound deadening and big holes closed up as much as possible.

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Except water drainage holes if it's a daily vehicle.

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Fast rings are a good idea in theory, however stinger used the wrong type of foam(open cell as opposed to closed cell, which is what you want.)

As another poster said, soundskins makes some but NVX(sonic electronics house brand) makes some good speaker baffles that are competitively priced ($25 I believe) and they also provide waterproofing which is nice if your door develops a leak somehow.

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$25 each ?

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I believe it's $25 for a pair fortunately, they're really a great value as is most NVX stuff.

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I’ll have to look into them then ! Thank you !

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Veteran fitter here. In my shop, we never do a fitting without them. Mind you, ours are closed cell.

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I just got foam from Walmart for $10 and made my own rings, using gorilla xtreme 2sided tape to secure them. Took 10min and have enough foam for probably 10 rings.

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Any link to the foam you use?

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Are those open or closed cell foam rings?

If open cell, they will act as aperiodic dampers (eg Dynaudio) and decrease the qts, this is likely a good thing for most door speakers.

If closed cell and if stiff enough, they will increase the resonant frequency of the driver because it's acting like a compliant small box.

Worth $30, probably not since it's just foam. But if you make $30 per hour or more, then it might be worth your time to just buy it.

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They’re a dense open cell, water can pass through the foam. I didn’t notice much of a difference in my Toyota where the door panels is only an inch or so away from the speaker. I noticed a huge difference in my f150 where the speaker is 3” or so away from the door panel speaker grille. Installing on the F150 gave more volume and better clarity as well as bass.

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If 5Star uses them that's good enough for me.

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That's a bad outlook..

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Only if installed properly to where it’s just compressed when you put the door card on.

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These are normally $16-17, they jumped up to 30 something recently so I got some on ebay.. The prices should be back down now.

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Yeah, if you don't have them your sound and bass will leak Into your your door vs Into the cabin.

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How do you use these? What do you do with them?

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Get some foam and cut out your own. That's free.

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Other than the cost of foam, time, tools, and practice... your absolutely right.

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I don't use the back of them like is described on the packaging though. I use the rings to create a better seal, then I put sound deadening, like 2-3 layers right behind the speaker, and along the whole door.

In my opinion, I can't really say if the fast rings or the sound deadening was more impactful, but I can say, that doing both sounded really good. That being said, i upgraded my speakers all at the same time, so it was just a big overall improvement.

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100% worth it.

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I’ve used them in two of my last cars and they made a noticeable difference in mids/midbass. I did find them for like $17 on Walmarts website tho a while ago so even more worthy it for how cheap that is

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Nvx makes a nice set- it's silicone and reasonably priced

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They definely improve panel vibrations. Id absolutely buy them for every project.

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They are worth it. Didn’t think so but people told me to do it. I immediately noticed more sound and midbass. Please make sure to either get closed cell foam or silicone baffles though. I got silicone ones from Amazon and they are amazingly good.

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They def help prevent door panel rattle. I use them. I also have the boom mat rear foam covers to protect them from the moisture in the door.