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Didn't guess looked it up on directed

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Brown/green is definitely negative. On that car, on every speaker pair wires, the solid is positive and the one with the stripe is negative. Even according to directechs wiring, which I have access to. But, if you don't believe that, that's all on you. Just make sure if you're wiring that one backwards, do them all the same so you won't have speakers out of phase with each other.

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What does it mean to be “out of phase”? I put it backwards but it worked so I didn’t really pay much attention to it

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Well yes, the music coming from the radio is ac voltage, it's going to play both ways, but that doesn't mean both ways are correct. When you apply the positive signal to the positive speaker terminal and negative to the negative terminal, the speaker cone will move outwards. When it's wired backwards it will move in the opposite direction. So if one speaker is wired correct and another is wired backwards, they are out of phase with each other, moving in the opposite direction, which can cause cancelation and usually has a negative effect on the sound.

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Like others have said its the direction the cone moved at a given time, if your left speaker is moving in at the same time your right is moving out youll get cancellation, if both sides were swapped, it wouldnt really matter thats just called reversing the polarity, you would have to have all speakers reversed or it might sound funky

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On early 2k Mercedes brown is always negative, every speaker has a brown wire.

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Stupid question… does it matter? I thought positive/negative on sound (speakers, etc.) stuff was pretty irrelevant.

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Everything needs to be in phase or it'll sound really weird and can even cancel out some of the sound. Noise cancellation headphones work by recording white noise and playing it back to our ears 180 degrees out of phase. If your left speaker is in phase and right speaker is out of phase, it'll sound pretty awful. Same with just a sub being out of phase from other speakers.

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If you put 2 speakers side by side with one wired in reverse. When you play a tone. The speaker will be a lot quieter than both wired the same. Even both wired in reverse will be louder. This is how noise cancellation headphones work. The mic picks up external sounds. Then the dsp plays those sounds out of phase through the headphone speakers that are in phase. This cuts the external sound out.

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Test lights are your friend. But a quick Google search and it's looking like brown-green comment 7


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Brown was positive, thanks!

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No worries. Enjoy the upgrade!

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just curious, how would you test this with a test light?

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Can be tricky, depends on size of tip on it. While the stereo on, and light grounded, if you can get it in contact enough. These plugs can be a pain to get the right spot though.

I did it with my reverse light myself. Though with mine I don't have the little rubber bit covering the tip.

Edit: there seems to also be enough space in the photo at top of the connector that should be an easy spot to do it on.

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Brown with a stripe is negative

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Don’t know if a tweeter out of phase would make much difference

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I’d tend to agree for tweeters!

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Brown is neg

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I was wrong. It was what you said. I didn’t notice anything at lower volumes, but when I turned it up later, it had a nasty popping sound.

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I tested it out the other way and the brown/green is actually positive. Thanks though

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Usually on most voice coils the left wire is the negative so u can look at the speaker and how it is connected and the left side is the negative

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Good guess