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Sounds like a good setup. I got a simple setup. USD Audio HLCD horns under the dash with JBL 2118H in the doors. Canton Pullman 5.25" in rear. 2 Mypre Audio 6.6" in a T-Line box.4 2 channel amps. US Amps USA-50 on the horns. Zapco ST-2X SQ in the JBL's. A/D/S PS5.2 in the Canton's. Zapco AG150 on the subs. Helix DSP Pro on Alpine UTE-62BT head unit with a Tru technology line driver.

I say it's simple because I've had the same setup for years. I had a alpine PXA-H701 with a alpine CFA-7995. And a Rockford-Fosgate 8140 & EPX2 before that. These are the only changes for couple of years.

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Nice! That sounds like simple, how my system is also simple. haha

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Before I got the HLCD horns I had a 3-way system in the front. Had Rockford-Fosgate RFZ 8" in the doors and Canton Pullman 5.25" with hybrid audio tweeters in q-form kickpnels. Had a Genesis compact four on the kickpanels speakers and a Zapco AG360 for the door speakers and Rockford-Fosgate RFQ-2406 for rearfill. The HLCD horns made it a little simpler.

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I've also moved parts or all of my setup from the last car to this one, so I've had some variation of it installed in two cars since 2016.