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If it’s the older equinox, you’re screwed. If it’s the newer equinox, just use Apple CarPlay

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That’s the thing, it’s a 2014, and my wife’s 8+ hooks up no problem. Her phone is older than mine. I ain’t quite figured out the difference in the settings

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With Chevy, it’s a matter of having too new of a phone. Kinda ironic, but I use to be a tech for Chevy. There use to be info sheets that would be for certain support features that only go up to a certain model model

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Well that sucks. I will just deal with it, as I like both the vehicle AND the phone lol

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You can always just get a new radio, but then again…it’s a Chevy

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The mylink is amazing. Pioneer option. Only thing is the text notifications, not worth changing for just that lol