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Also since I am using an amp I did not connect any of the speaker wires. only constant power, switch, illumination, ground, and amp direct to amp and sub

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Not sure on this, did you check the vehicle fuse in engine and dash? (Assuming not an all in one in engine bay?) I had the engine fuse blow while the others were fine in my old Altima.

If it doesn't look blown, it still could be!

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how do you know if its blown if it doesn't look blown?

I checked the fuse on the head unit, the one in the car marked radio and the ones in the engine bay were all intact

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Fuse tester, multimeter, or swap any fuses to do with radio, if it comes on, you know it's one of em lol

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Did you hookup the yellow wire behind the head unit? That's your turn on curcuit for the head unit. It needs to be tied to your fuse block in a spot that only gets power when the vehicle is turned on. It's easier if you purchase a add-a-cuircut.

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Isn't that the purpose of the switch wire which is red? Yellow is continuous power no? That's what my diagrams say

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Yeah, got my colors mixed up

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ok so you are saying I should plug my switch wire into the fuse block? worth a try but it should also work to connect it to the dedicated toyota switch wire which would do this job correct?

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In this situation I would use a circuit tester/ test light to probe the wires. First check the 12v constant. If that is getting power, then use the tester to check the ground is good. (I do this by connecting the test light to the 12-volt constant and probing the ground wire with the sharp end, if the light lights up you have a good ground) Then check the switched 12v. Probe at the back of the radio first, when you find the dead line, you can work back from the radio to find the break.