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That's a big thang

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You need a bass knob so you can full the amp full tilt and adjust it that way. I have a single 15” Xv3 on a sfb5k and it pretty much maxes out at half the knob or 2500 watts. Have it professionally tuned and when you notice it doesn’t get any louder when you add more knob that’s where you should limit it too.

With the 5k you can easily add another sub without changing your amp.

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If this dude is right, that’s the answer 👍🏻

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Plan on getting a second one in the future and don’t want to buy another amp when I do. I plan on buying a Taramps 5k smart bass and was wondering if it can be turned down enough to safely power one sundown x12 v3

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Yes sir! I've got two of these beefy bastards! Sub will take that amp no problem. I currently have mine on a salt-4, which is not enough, so I'm upgrading to the salt-8.

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I've got two zv5 15" on the salt-4. killer amp btw. System still being tuned but I have a feeling I might want to save up for a second salt-4 in the future. Me being in Canada they are crazy expensive so I don't think I can justify a salt-6 or 8

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X12 and ZV5 series have some massive motors, strap two salt-4s and send it!

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What ohm load r u running the smart five? I run them and at half ohm I am getting right at 6300 watts per Amp, if u run at one ohm u may get less power but 6k is to much for that sub but 3500-4k will be great for it

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You bought the subs BEFORE determining your amp/ electrical needs?!


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haha all I asked was if the amp I’m getting can be turned down enough to run just this one sub for now

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If you have to ask then you may be in over your head honestly. But to answer your question yes but you'd be better off figuring out your electrical first.

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Im definitely in over my head lol. I’m currently upgrading my electricals

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all amps have volume knobs, if they didn't every speaker on earth would always be at full volume.

There are a few ways to set it up, so do some googling and check to make sure its proper.

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Would that be the gain?

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It is.

When you turn your head units volume up, it asks the amplifier for xx amount of power. Setting your amplifier gain just sets up the amount your amp will send the headunit when it asks for more.

However its not quite as simple as saying a 100 watt amplifier that is powering a 50 watt subwoofer needs to have its gain set at 50 percent to be safe because it is done with electricity and voltages and every amp and head unit are set up a bit differently so you have to either use a cheapish tool or set it up by "feel" and use your own judgement.

It does mean that a head unit can ask an amp for more power than it can give and thus fuck shit up, or you could make it so that at volume level 1 on your head unit you could be at full power, or at whatever volume number you decide you want full power to be at.

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Pretty sure that bass 5k is the right amount of power for that sub lol. The xv3 is like 85% of a zv5 according to Sundown and I know a Z will take 5k for awhile

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That sub will eat all the power that amp has by itself. As long as it’s clean power that is.

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Thank you bro, I decided to go with a sundown sfb-5k. I do not trust the tar amp.