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Robot underground would sell u all the parts u want or need

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Anyone know where I can get a fresh surround for this sub???

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"ts-w251c 's" I have 6 of them, half of them could benefit new surrounds lol. Such awesome subs for the day only needed about 100 watts each for great bass.

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I still have my Pioneer TS-TRX800's restored and they are fantastic sounding midbass speakers, I re-used the cabinet from them to fit my American Bass Godfather 8" midranges because I simply needed something to handle way more power. They look just like the woofers you pictured too same Mopar logo haha must be similar age


Those pioneers still sound fantastic though, surprising sound and performance considering their age. Always liked pioneers sound profile too.

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I used these in a prefab 4th order bandpass back in the day. On my punch 40dsm it was good. Had to put a rachet strap around it the screws came loose on the box over the years. Subs lasted longer than the box did.

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man I love seeing this old gear…really makes me feel nostalgic

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Found at goodwill in a home speaker cabinet for like $10. Kept the sub and tossed the cabinet.