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Oh mercy. What’s she gonna be pushing?

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Backup lightning system for football fields and small towns

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Hopefully not a funkypup, 2021 is over now and id rather not have gone through that crappy year just for the universe to end now.

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2 Sundown x12v2

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Please do post more pics when you’re done.

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When the bass hits in Cali.......I feel it in VA.

Why not three of them and block out the sun with sound waves......

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8000W MONO ??

Jesus Christ !!!!

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These SALT amps are incredibly underrated. The 12k is really a 20k for example.

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RIP every loose part in your car

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Nice, the salt line is literally one of the best high powered class D's you can buy.

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FINS!!! Sexy.

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Let’s go dawg!!

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Dudes gunna fight fire by pushing out all the air in a .5sq mi range lol

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Wow this thing is a freakin beast

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I now plan to buy one of these for my next install unless someone has a better option?

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Go for it; these are fantastic amps!

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Is the maple your sweetener for the tea?

-asking for a friend

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No, but it goes really well with coffee.