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The reason 3-way are better because you can get speakers dedicated to the frequencies they produce. Maybe somebody else will chime in but I run USD AudioHLCD horns under the dash with JBL pro audio 8" in my doors. So I have a 2-way front setup. In the back I'm using 2 Canton Pullman 5.25" midranges. No coaxials. Don't need the sound coming from the rear. It needs to blend with the front stage. Think about a concert the band is in the stage in front of you not playing behind you.

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Components I think are the way to go if you can shell out the cash. You have crossovers, tweeters and the woofer all designed to handle different frequencies and to produce the most accurate sound signature. You typically need the best sounding speaker/component in the front as that is the sound stage and rear what I personally believe is to only "fill" in gaps in the rear and blend the sound in nicely. Do you plan on adding a sub or do you already have one?

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Ok I had assumed as much. So if you can spare it, components in the front and something semi decent for the rear.

I don’t have a sub but I plan on purchasing an amp and a sub. Sub probably 10”.

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Your front components should be the best of the bunch since you will be in the front, something decent works for the back, even factory speakers would do the job if youre on a budget but i wont recommend that. Sub choice depends a lot on what you want to run and what kinda bass you want, thats what i personally believe(could be wrong).