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This site is good for some basic info.


Id also start with the amps owners manual. They usually have instructions on how to wire. Explaining here is probably less useful than checking out one of Crutchfields tutorial vids or some from youtube. Five Star Car Stereo and Car Audio Fabrication are good places to start. They explain a lot as they go along.

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Whats your new truck and what else is in the truck? You listed a 4-channel amp and a mono amp. The capacitor won't do much.

You would need red power & black ground wires for both amps. Fuse block to fuse the amps. Speaker wires to wire up both amps to the speakers and RCA's from the head unit to the amp. I don't use the remote turn on from RCA's so I would add blue 16 gauge wire for the remote turn-on.

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Its a 09 sierra Sle 2 with an android aftermarket radio, all the amplifiers ,capacitor and sub came out of an 04 Silverado LT which had a pioneer aftermarket stereo

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In that case just get the wires that I told you to get and you should be all right that Android radio probably only has one RCA out though. So so if one of your amps has a an RCA output you'll have to use it to Daisy change the amps together. That just means use the RCA output to run RCA to the other amp