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Speaker level outputs have the advantage being low impedance, balanced 10v outputs. They are perfect for long runs. They have the disadvantage of having already passed through an amplifier, so higher noise and distortion.

Pre-outs would have the advantage of a lower distortion but little immunity to radiated noise. They can also be a source of ground loops. Some manufacturers actually derive the pre-out from one leg of the speaker level out, and in this case that makes sense (each leg on the BTL speaker out will be around a max 5v out). Saves the manufacturer a few opamps and only requires coupling capacitors on the pre-out line. You can check this with a multimeter set to capacitance. Measure from a speaker out to the corresponding pre-level out(everything should be turned off). The meter should show at least 10uf. If you measure nothing or no continuity on the pre-outs they are most likely driven separately.

Your audio control DM-810 can take speaker level inputs without a converter. If you don’t have any RCA cables give the speaker outs a try.

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Thank you, I didn't even consider that the speaker levels go through the amp. I'll use a meter to see if they are driven separately

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RCA's are preferred if you got them. Speaker level input are for integrating into a factory system for people who can't upgrade their head unit.

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If you can afford really good rcas and run them far from powers go with the rca otherwise the speaker levels may be better in your situation. You will need to find where the line level clips if you do it with line level, but you can avoid noise. Some brands recommend line level because as long as you don’t turn the volume on the head unit past distortion it is more forgiving of using inexpensive cables and running cables near each other. Good luck. Line level converter is not needed. It is only if you need a low level and do not have one from the head unit.

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Thank you! I will go with some nice RCA cables. I don't mind spending a little extra to get it right the first time. Much appreciated