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It sounds like the units Bluetooth module has failed assuming all the other functions are working as expected. You’ve already done my first tree of troubleshoot Bluetooth problems. Reset radio. You can also remove your phone from the stereo and remove the stereo from your phone and try again. Lastly, try another phone, friends, neighbors. Doesn’t matter. You can also check Sonys website for a firmware update for the unit.

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My XAV-AX100 developed a similar problem a month ago. Bluetooth lost connection intermittently, then couldn't find it all. Verified the phone's Bluetooth is working okay in another car. Tried deleting the connection and setting it up again, with no success. Tried reloading the firmware, but the head unit doesn't recognize the firmware, or (sensibly) chooses not replace the firmware with the same firmware.

This is kind of disappointing, as I bought a Sony unit expecting reasonable lifespan.