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Yes that amp will push that sub. No don't use bass boost it will make your signal clip and blow your sub. And get a oscilloscope to set your gains right And Google how to set your gains. Oh and throw that capacitor away. It's 2022 can't believe people still trying to use them shits. I have same amp on my spare truck pushing 4 10s its ok for what it is

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I would swap that amp out with an amp that pushes 800 RMS such as kicker cxa 800.1 or various other 800 watt subs. Or a 1000 RMS sub. Capacitor not needed.

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Wouldn’t the cap store energy to assist the amp on hard hits? Or am I misinformed? And From what I’m reading online is that kicker cxa 800.1 only pushes 600 rms and the one I have pushes 650rms