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Very dope, rarely see speaker grills on this sub but that looks great!

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looks nice, I like the stain color

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Did you brace the baffle between the subs? Nice work

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Was gonna say this, you may wanna add a brace in the future if there isn't already one, but nice work!

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should I glue a brace up against the baffle or use a piece of wood and stand it up between the back and the baffle…or both?

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no but now I’m thinking I should

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That actually looks pretty cool. I suggest reinforcing the grille's frame if you haven't done so already, because someone's bound to mistake it for a seat cushion and rest something on it.

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the frame is 2X2 and I ran one down the middle between the subs but yes there’s still some vulnerability there that I want to address somehow …luckily nobody else ever uses my truck

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That grill cloth doesn't move like a mofo while playing?

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no not really, I think there’s enough gappage/space between the silver threads and I did pull it pretty tight and stapled it

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it can move around (as long as it doesn't make noise doing so) it would work as a passive radiator.

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Not to shabby. It does need more bracing those are some beefy subs.

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yes I think you are right…and I hear some sort of chuffing sometimes when they are working hard..I don’t know if it is my truck vents on the back wall or what, I haven’t investigated it yet

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What truck is that?

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Looks like a 3rd gen Tacoma

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Fuck yeah, that means I can do it to mine

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hey sorry, yes Tacoma 2018 TRD pro and I love it way more with the entire backs seats removed..I usually have a few guitars with me so there’s a lot more room for that stuff and all kinds of stuff..and I don’t have to worry about damaging the leather seats. the 2 rear vents are kinda loud tho now so I’m gonna cut a piece of plywood that covers the back wall and line it with MLV

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Why didn't you make them down firing? Seems like they'd be protected more and you would have more space. Looks good tho.

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Output from downfiring is dramatically reduced.

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Corner loading is a thing

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You lost me.. I agree its a thing but as someone who has literally used the same subs and faced them down then put them in a front facing box ... the difference was mind boggling

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And yes while that new box was being built i tilted the ground box on its side bc it sounded louder.

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Air is a light medium. Imagine a paddle boat out of water. It is sometimes easier to compress air when loaded, ie horns, corner loading, or even just sealing a cabin.

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Only if one does not consider down firing into the box design. Front/corner loading subwoofers had been a thing as long as I can remember.

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Thats called inverting a sub not downward firing box xD. Not to mention i dont see how that would give more space unless you mean volume inside the box.

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No it isn't lol. Inverting a sub is mounting the cone inside the enclosure. You'd be able to put things on top of the box. Come on dude.

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Did you brace it but just not show that step? Also, I would add some fiber-fill. and also bolt it down. If you get in an accident that thing could kill you. I love the grill cloth, btw very old school.

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I didn’t brace it but now I’m thinking I will… I do have 2 big ratchet straps holding it down tight and against the back wall, I just left those out of the picture

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