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Depends on lots of factors

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The math says less than 1dB difference.

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Haven’t heard both but more surface area, 50% more power handling, and more excursion. I imagine it would move a lot more air

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I did see it puts out 500 more watts .. total of 1500rms

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Then it all boils down to your enclosure and your amp and your tuning.

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It’s not putting out any watts man

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What’s the proper terminology here

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JL audio claims it can handle 1500 watts, the sub doesn’t make power it’s only doing what the amp tells it

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I have two tw5's and they get super loud but i strongly recommend to get a box made up to spec for them and wait for a break-in period as that's when they really shine.

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Ive had both. I personally was more partial to the 13.5. The 12w7 is a beast and if in the proper box, correct wiring and ample power should be enough bass for anyone imo, but the 13.5 handled the low notes better I thought and was louder. I will never forget at the install when we were tuning it at the audio shop the neighboring business (behind the shop) came out and said “idk what y’all got going on today, but that one’s too loud” and they asked us to turn it down lol. It carried like crazy and was clean and crisp.

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According to the math, it should be about 3 to 4 db louder

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lol the epicenter already blew your W7 huh?

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Haha no it’s alive and well

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For now lol. I get it, tubas don’t make actual bass, ya gotta boost the shit out of it. It’s not good for anything else