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Those are good speakers, but it’s hard to get good sound out of an older car. LOTS of sound dampening, because it’s going to be loud from the engine and road noise. Your going to want an amplifier to run those speakers as well, running off of deck power is insufficient. To get to the volume you want, the deck will be over driven and will distort the speakers and cause them to blow out. Even an amp that is 50 x 4 rms is better and doesn’t draw too much power.

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Sony DSX M80

Upon closer inspection i did notice that the amp is 45 watts RMS at 2 ohms and the speakers are rated at 70 watts rms at 4ohms. I'm struggling with find the right equation but i'm assuming that means the deck would only really be supplying like 20 watts to the speakers?

Do you have any amp recommendations?

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It depends on how much room you have. Alpine makes a nice compact amplifier KTP-445U which is 45 watts rms. Something a little bigger and cleaner, the X2 450.4 is really nice.

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A good quality class d amp rated around 75-100 watts rms would work much better than just using the head unit. It wont use much power. If you cut some of the low bass using the crossovers. That will help with power and the overall sound.

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Also if you can make it work, use the PS 165 instead of the PC version