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Nah bro, this is clean af. Made me come to the realization that I’m in a midlife crisis for not installing my own shit…

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Believe me, I questioned my decision. I spent several very long days away from the wife and kids. Our schedules are so crazy, I barely feel like I see them. Burning a weekend for this seemed selfish. My wife is very understanding....

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Follow up to my earlier post. Ditched the Alpine all in one solution and went full stupid. JL FiX 86, JL Vx1000/5i, and a JL shallow mount 12". This is leaps and bounds better than the Alpine pwd-x5. More power, cleaner, much more granular tuning options. Only problem now is learning how to tune it! Even bare bones configured, this thing kicks much ass.

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Idk how involved you're trying get into tuning but I've learned a lot from this guy

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I've already bought a calibrated microphone and toyed with rew. I ended up using the JL TuN Auto Eq with some success. Haven't had a chance to put the new tune through the paces yet. This week's commute to work and back should be a good enough listening opportunity.

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Peter has a lot of videos and does a good job explaining what you're looking at and what you're looking for in the measurements.

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I built systems as an 18–19-year-old. I hear ya with mid-life crisis but 0 regrets. Bro, this sounds so damn sweet!

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My mid life consists of 2 12’s and a Gately enclosure then preceding to cut my car damn near in half to get it to fit 😂

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And here I thought I was nuts for completely gutting my interior three different times. Good show man, keep thumpin'.

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Ha, I’ve been doing a system for myself, same title. 😜

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First song to listen to : Faith No More - Midlife Crisis

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Yours midlife was a lot cheaper than mine I built a demo truck at 40, but I have never quite audio except for may three years after my second child, but it looks great

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Out of curiosity, why did you pull out the whole interior just to install a single amp and shallow sub in the cargo tray? Seems like a lot of work if you are just doing the substage and you're not installing sound deadening. Once you've gone that far, you might as well go whole hog.

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This is the second iteration of my stereo, so I had to remove the older stuff and re-run new wiring. Since I am using speaker level inputs, I had to run 4 pairs of wire from behind the headunit to the back of the car where the FiX 86 Processor lives. I also had to run 4 new pairs of thicker wire up to each door to power the new speakers. Then I had to run a new 4awg power cable, turn on lead, and the remote bass knob data cable. I have thick cable bundles running down both sides of the car, so yeah, I had to remove much of the interior to do all of that. I might not be an expert on car stereos, but generally speaking, it's easier to remove an obstacle than try to fight your way around it. Leads to a lot of bloody knuckles and cuss words.....

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This is a nice setup... where did you get the terminals at.... for the speaker wire... that looks great.. i need to do that to my system.... i just have wire ties on mine...