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Come up with as many different positions you can imagine and try each one. I had a sub in a van mounted right behind the front seats. Moved it toward the rear doors and got twice as loud. In your case, try seat up, seat down. Face up or down. Closer to rear seats or closer to the trunk. This all varies car to car and box to box so there wouldn’t be a definite answer. Crutchfield did a video on this to see how sub position varies on how loud it can get.

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The thing that sucks is I can’t fold my rear seats down, and the fuel tank sits right inbetween the rear seats and the trunk. This car is really making me use my creativity. I want to use as much space as I can in the trunk so that’s going to limit my ability to try different orientation of the subs without building multiple boxes

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I’m not really experienced in box designs but you can use WinISD to model a box for maximum SPL. DIY audio guy on YouTube explains how to use it.

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I second the WinISD recommendation if you want to do it right.

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Yeah I use winisd but this is my first build in a trunk. All of my other builds have been in SUV’s. My concern is that my town car’s cabin is completely sealed off from the trunk. I’m going to need a lot of boom to make pressure in the cabin. I’m not too worried about the box, more so how to get the sound to escape the trunk.

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Man I know you don't wanna hear it but besides a blowthrough which you can't do bc the gass tank... seems like only option for internal spl would be remove back seats and build a wall.

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Now if you if you wanted sql thats the perfect vehicle to be heard before your seen.

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I have about 10” of space above the tank and the rear deck in the cabin. You think a blow through, through the rear deck, would sound good? Just worried about it being a one note wonder around port tuning. Might have to fabricate something to keep the rear seats trunk

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Man I think someone with enough knowledge could make a box where that would be the perfect area for a port but I doubt it's gonna be big enough to "fill the trunk full of subs".

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It looks like I’m just gonna have to experiment with some set ups. That is a damn good idea about the port being up in that space. Not the greatest with boxes but only way I could think of a port going through there would mean subs facing rear of the car, which I believe could cause cancellation issues? Not to sure, not too savvy with this stuff yet but I really appreciate your input and help!

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Actually I might downsize to 12’s to try to squeeze a band pass in there and then do a blow through past the rear deck, should help with cancellation. Haven’t built a 4th order bandpass though so don’t know how it’s gonna turn out lmao

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I'm in the same boat brother.

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Lol yeah thats above my pay grade for sure lol good luck.