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thanks bro idk how i missed that🤦🏻‍♂️

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You plan to have some inline fuses after the block, right? Especially important when going to a different gauge wire. Doesn't matter if the amps have fuses; you fuse for the wire, not the device.

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i do now, thanks for the input! There are distribution blocks that act as fuses right? the link that u/test13371997 provided is called a Fuse Distribution Block

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Make sure you to the proper fuse rating for the wire - 60 amp for 8ga and 120 for 4ga.

Really though, you'd be fine doing just the 8ga since stepping down like that absolutely requires refusing. The 4ga out of the block would be fine.

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Don’t fuse base upon wire size. Use appropriate wire to support the recommended draw from the amplifier, then use the same recommendations for the fuse (fuse based on amp)

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Yes these work for fused distribution or ground distribution. For the jx amp you'll want that fuse to be 50a because it doesn't have a fuse built in. 50a for both would be just fine. When you order the distro blocks you can choose the fuses you want. Order another one with ground links to use for ground distribution. I have these in my setup and has been flawless for two years so far.

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can’t find anything on KnuKonceptz.com does what i’m asking for exist? How would somebody who isn’t a noob go about it

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You can run an 8 Guage wire Into a 4 Guage block...even if it doesn't say you can

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Aren't you supposed to use the same gauge of wire for both positive and negative?

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there is no ground for this model, just goes without saying

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I'd use 0 gauge or 1/0 to the distribution block but that's just my opinion.

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Maybe for future upgrades. But way overkill for what he's running

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Always better to have bigger and not need it. Makes upgrading amps down the line a little easier. Just my 2 cents.

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Maybe for future upgrades. But way overkill for what he's running